Custom Colorful Pet Portraits From Your Photo

Pet PortraitsUpdated May 26, 2024

Note on Scheduling Pet Portraits: I am currently taking pet portraits scheduled in advance on a waiting list. My next available opening is EARLY JUNE 2024. I require a deposit to secure your spot on my list.

* GIFT CERTIFICATES are available upon request. Please email me for more information. *

Immortalize your furry, feathered, or scaly best friend with a custom colorful pet portrait by Rebecca Wang Art. My specialty is creating a colorful and fully customized portrait of your pet.  With vibrant rainbow colors and bold brush strokes, your pet’s personality will shine through.

NOTE: Portraits that are purchased as a gift have the option to include a greeting card with a personalized hand written message that I can include in the package for no extra cost. Please let me know if the portrait is a gift so I can include one.

–> Please read the Terms of Service before requesting a pet portrait. <–

Reference Photos for Pet Portraits

For pet portraits, please pick out one photo that you like the best; this will be used as the main reference.  Also please have at least 3-4 other photos of your pet that I can use as secondary references.  Please make sure the photos are detailed, are in focus, and not too dark or too light.  Digital photos can be sent to my email address.

Please keep in mind that the better the picture quality, the better details the portrait will have.  The more photos that you have of your pet that I can use as a reference, the better.

For tips on taking better pictures of your pets, please read my Blog Article on Photographing Your Pet.

Materials Used

My pet portraits are hand-painted with high quality professional acrylic paints on stretched canvas. Canvas sizes 16″ x 20″ and smaller are in 3/4″ thick canvas, and sizes 18″ x 24″ and larger are on 1.5″ thick canvas, unless otherwise requested. These paintings can be done in any size, and are sealed with a varnish to protect the painting. They are shipped ready-to-hang, and do not need to be framed. A hanging wire will be attached to the inside back of the frame to allow for easy hanging.

Please note that these are hand painted originals.  I work 100% with traditional media, and do not use any digital or printed material in my artwork.  You, as the customer, will receive the original painting, not a print.

I also can paint your pet’s portrait on a 3″ ceramic ornament. More information at my Etsy Store.

Examples of Pet Portrait Styles

Please go to THIS ARTICLE to read about my different portrait and background styles. I offer colorful realism, natural colors, and psychedelic styles.

Payment Methods

My preferred method of payment is through my Etsy store.  I require at least a 50% deposit up front before I start, and the remaining 50% paid upon completion but before it is mailed out.  I am no longer collecting payments through PayPal due to sales tax laws.

Once you decide to schedule a pet portrait, I will send you a link to a custom listing in my Etsy store where you will pay your deposit. Then, upon completion I will send you a link to another custom listing where you will pay the remainder before it is shipped out.

Prices and Shipping

These prices include shipping within the United States only. If you live outside the United States, please email me for a shipping estimate.

I include an artwork care sheet and a certificate of authenticity with every portrait.  Stretched canvas paintings 8″x10″ and larger will come with a hanging wire attached to the inside back. Optional greeting card with hand written personalized message can be included with gift portraits.

The prices below are for a single pet portrait with acrylic paints on stretched canvas, with an abstract background.  All currency is in US Dollars.  Additional pets on the same canvas, or a detailed background are extra, please email for estimate. Prices DO NOT include sales tax, which is added at checkout.

Please also note that the sizes below are typical sizes and aspect ratios for a portrait, but there are many more sizes of canvas available. Such sizes include long, thin canvases like 10″ x 20″, or even skinnier 12″ x 36″. The shape of the canvas is dependent on many factors, and a different shape of canvas may be more suitable for your portrait. This can be discussed in advance.

Shipping: I primarily ship the paintings via USPS Priority Mail. For paintings larger than 30″ x 40″ I will ship via UPS Ground. These will include insurance and tracking.  Very large paintings may need a signature for delivery.

Pet Portraits Price List 2022

Rectangular Canvas|Square Canvas
5" x 7"$70|6" x 6"$70
8" x 10"$140|8" x 8"$115
9" x 12" $160|10" x 10"$150
11" x 14"$230|12" x 12"$220
12" x 16"$288|16" x 16"$380
14" x 18"$350|18" x 18"$480
16" x 20"$450| 20" x 20"$560
18" x 24"$600|24" x 24"$800
20" x 24"$675|30" x 30"$1440
22" x 28"$800|
24" x 30"$950|
24" x 36"$1200|
30" x 40"$1680|
36" x 48"$2500|
48" x 60"$4000|
Vertical Size Comparison

Size Comparison for common vertical canvas sizes

Additional Products – Prints and More

All pet portraits are scanned as a high resolution digital file by me and kept in my online portfolio. In addition, your painting will be made available in my online store for purchase as an art print and other products and a link provided to you.  If you prefer not to have this done please let me know. Please keep in mind that by allowing me to make prints available of your artwork, I am able to keep my prices reasonable.

These products include but are not limited to: Wall Art and Art Prints: including Giclee Paper Prints, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints, Wood Prints and Metal Prints; Home Decor and Gift Items: Fleece Blankets, Throw Pillows, Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags, Jigsaw Puzzles, Stickers, and Cell Phone Cases.

Examples of my Recent Pet Portraits

Click the images below to see a larger picture.  These are my most recent portraits; to see ALL of my portraits, please visit my Pet Portraits Portfolio Gallery. You can also see other artworks in my Complete Portfolio.

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