Commission Terms of Service

Last update: 15th of July 2020

I. General

  1. By ordering a commission from me (Rebecca Wang) you (the client) agree to these terms.
  2. I reserve right to not accept a commission order without any reason or explanation.
  3. I have right to alter my terms of service at any time. New rules will not apply retroactively and won’t influence orders started on older terms.

II. Reservations and Ordering

  1. The prices listed HERE are the base prices for pet portraits, which are for a single portrait (one pet) with acrylic paints on a stretched canvas, with an abstract background, per my typical style.  Any modifications to this style will incur additional fees, including but not limited to: additional pets on the same canvas, special requests for color or style, detailed background, or special request for a certain media such as pastels or colored pencils.
  2. Quoted prices are valid up to 6 months.
  3. I accept reservations, and will schedule accordingly.  A reservation is only considered finalized if the deposit is paid in full upon the time of scheduling.
  4. In general, commissions are on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on who pays their deposit first.  A commission request is not considered final until the deposit is received. If two or more clients request commissions at the same time, they will be prioritized according to payment received (the first to pay the deposit is first in the queue).  For example, if client #1 has been in the communication stage, but has not paid the deposit yet, and then client #2 contacts me and pays a deposit, the second client will have their portrait started first.
  5. I will accept just about any photograph to be used as reference.  However, the better the  quality of the photo, the better the outcome of the portrait.   The photo should be large enough for me to work with (at least 1000 px on the smallest side), be sharp and in focus, and well lit.  I request that one photo be picked out as the main reference, and at least 3-4 additional photos provided to fill in any missing details.
  6. Photographs provided by the client must be taken by the client, or the client must have the rights to allow usage of the photo.  I will not accept copyrighted artwork or copyrighted photographs as reference photos.
  7. Any special requests MUST be mentioned before the portrait is started.  I will typically ask some questions, and the client is welcome to just “leave it up to my artistic license”, if preferred.

III. Payments and Refunds

  1. All payments must be made via Paypal or Etsy to the account provided.   Prices are in US Dollars.
  2. I require at least a 50% deposit be paid before the portrait is started.  The rest of the payment must be paid upon completion of the portrait, and before it is shipped.  Failure to pay will result in the cancellation of the portrait.   Work on the portrait will not begin unless a deposit is received. Work paid for on Etsy is paid in full (100%) up front.
  3. Shipping costs are included in the prices listed, and are for domestic shipping within the  United States only.  Shipping outside the United States is an additional fee; please contact me for a detailed quote.
  4. All payments should be fulfilled upfront with exception of payment plan situations.
  5. Full refunds are issued only before the start of work on particular order. If cancellation is requested before the portrait has begun, 100% refund will be given, minus any transaction fees.  Refunds will not be processed if the painting has been started.

IV. Turnaround Times, Revisions, Deadlines

  1. The typical turnaround time to complete a portrait depends on many factors, including my schedule, how many portraits are ahead of yours in the queue, and the size and complexity of the piece.  A more accurate time line will be provided once the deposit is made.
  2. Any deadline must be communicated and agreed upon before initial quote.
  3. I will not accept Christmas commissions after November 22nd. The reason for this is the delivery companies are overwhelmed at this time of the year, meaning longer shipping time and increased likelihood of the artwork being lost.
  4. I typically provide works in progress through e-mail.
  5. Revisions are limited to minor revisions once the portrait is started. Examples of minor revisions are correcting small mistakes such as markings or eye color. Any additional major revisions will incur additional fees at my discretion. Example of major revision include changing the layout of the portrait, or deciding to add another pet onto a portrait already in progress. You have the opportunity to be involved in the painting process at the very beginning.  Sketches, colors, and composition will be discussed before paint touches the canvas. Major revisions can only be done at the sketch phase, and are not allowed once the portrait has been started.

V. Image Rights

  1. I, as the artist, retain all copyrights to created artwork. I reserve right to repost, use and sell created art in digital or physical forms. Use of the portrait by me as the artist includes but is not limited to: posting in my website and portfolio accounts, posting to my social media accounts, use in advertisements, use on business cards, and selling as prints and merchandise.
  2. Clients may repost low resolution watermarked art on their social media accounts, as long as credit to me as the artist is included, and no profit is being made.
  3. Clients do not have the right to sell reproductions of the artwork in digital or physical form, online or offline.  The artist retains full copyright of the work.
  4. The exception is work for hire, including but not limited to: label designs, logo designs, book covers, and other commercial designs. The prices and terms for these types of commissions can be discussed through email exchange, and typically involve a separate contract.

VI. Privacy

  1. I respect client privacy.  Client information will not be shared anywhere online or offline.  Client information includes but is not limited to: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and social media accounts.
  2. When including the portrait in my portfolio, only the pet’s name will be used.  The client will not be “tagged” on social media posts, unless requested.
  3. I will often include a small photo of the reference photo in my posts about the portrait.  Clients are welcome to ask me not to share their photos in my portfolio.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to revision without notice. The Client must read and understand these terms before entering into a Commission Agreement with the Artist. Once the Client enters into a Commission Agreement with the Artist, it is assumed the Client has agreed to all Terms and Conditions.