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Healing Lotus colored pencil drawing

Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Mandala Drawing

The original artwork titled “Healing Lotus” was created on April 26, 2009 with Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore drawing paper, 8″ x 10″. It was drawn in a time period where I created many mandala drawings. This unique drawing features a psychedelic mandala with a central yin yang of red and blue, surrounded by rainbow colored lotus petals radiating outward in a spiral pattern. Outside the mandala are rainbow lines and rays of sunshine which appear to be coming from within the mandala itself. A larger version of this artwork can be seen in my Portfolio gallery on my website.


A mandala is a geometric symbol, often circle shaped, and is a key feature in sacred geometry. Mandala is the sanksrit word for “circle”, and they typically represent the cosmos and the symbolism of the mind and body internal universe. Mandalas are commonly seen in east Asian artwork and religious paintings, although they can often feature in Christian artwork as well as religious symbolism artwork throughout the world. Mandalas are often used for meditating, and this one can heal the heart and rejuvenate the spirit.

Yin Yang

The central yin yang represents balance within the spirit as well as outside in your interactions with others. The Yin Yang symbol comes from the ancient Chinese concept of dualism, and is a key component of Taoist philosophy. The yin yang symbol represents the balance of forces in the universe, such as light and dark, masculine and feminine, death and birth. The yin yang represents how opposite forces are actually complementary to each other, and necessary for each other’s existence. They are typically represented as a black and white symbol, but in this drawing I chose to represent it with red and blue.

The Chakras

The rainbow colored lotus petals represent the colors of the chakra. Although there are actually seven chakras, I chose to draw eight lotus petals to give the mandala symmetry. Each color represents a specific chakra, from red to purple, that flows from the bottom to the top of the body. Red is the root chakra, which is found at the base of the spine, and represents your ground. Orange is the sacral chakra, which is located near the navel, and represents sexuality and creativity. Yellow is the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the middle of the abdomen, and represents confidence. Green is the heart chakra, located in the center of the chest, and represents compassion and empathy. Blue is the throat chakra, located in the center of the neck, and represents communication and self-expression. Indigo/violet is the third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows, and represents wisdom and intuition. Finally, purple/magenta is the crown chakra, which is located two inches above the head, and enlightenment and a higher state of consciousness.

In this mandala there is an extra green petal, more of a teal color, halfway between green and blue. This extra green petal was added in to give extra healing power to the heart chakra. The chakras are found on lotus petals that radiate outwards from the center in a spiral pattern. The lotus flower is a powerful and ancient symbol of divine perfection. The lotus represents the ability to gain control of the energy flowing through the chakras. The rainbow lines and beams of light emanating from the outer wall of the mandala circle represents releasing positive energy to the universe.

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Healing Lotus fleece blanket

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Chinese Phoenix and Dragon Mandala

This artwork, titled “Phoenix and Dragon”, was created on September 12, 2007.  It was created with pastel pencils on a sheet of 30″ x 40″ black paper.  It is the largest drawing I have done to date. A larger image can be seen in my portfolio here: Phoenix and Dragon

In this drawing, a silver Chinese Dragon creates a fiery Phoenix Bird from his flames as they fly around a sun mandala among clouds and fire.  In Chinese mythological literature, the dragon represents the Yang, or masculine, and the phoenix represents the Yin, or feminine.  They complement one another and create balance in the universe. When together, they are symbols of marital happiness and harmony.

Phoenix and Dragon

Phoenix and Dragon

This was created when I was really into mandalas, hence the incorporation of the sun mandala in the background.  The dragon and phoenix represent yin and yang, fire and ice, silver and gold.  The dragon itself was based off of Chinese dragons, but drawn in my own style. However, Chinese dragons do not breathe fire, as they are actually associated with water.  The phoenix in the drawing is more in the Western style, rather than the Chinese fenghuang, which is typically more peacock-like in shape and with rainbow colors.  So this drawing can also represent East and West, with the Western Phoenix on the left (west) and Eastern Dragon on the right (east).  The sun mandala in the background also doubles as a compass rose, with the main points (north, south, east, and west) as the larger “flames” of the mandala points.  There are a lot of layers of symbolism in this drawing, and it is open to the interpretation of the viewer.

Above you can see close up views of this drawing.  You can appreciate the metallic sheen of the dragon’s scales, the many colors in the flames, and the details in the sun mandala.

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