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Rainbow Cat Mousepad

Colorful Mouse Pads to Brighten your Workspace

Give your mouse something cool to look at with a mouse pad from Zazzle featuring my colorful original artwork!  They are made of a dust and stain-resistant high quality cloth over a non-slip backing. The mouse pads come in two configurations: vertical and horizontal.  Most of my designs can be found on both orientations.  They measure 9.25″ x 7.75″.  These colorful mouse pads can liven up your office or make a great gift! They work great will all kinds of computer mice, including the traditional ball mouse and the popular optical mouse.  The varied colors and patterns work best for the optical mouse since it needs variation to orient itself.

They are available with many options of unique and colorful artwork, including fantasy creatures, psychedelic animals, and vibrant rainbow mandalas.  Choose from dozens of popular animal designs, including wolves, dozens of dog breeds, cats, tigers, dragons, peacocks, owls, foxes, and so many more.

As with all of Zazzle’s products, these mousepads are 100% customizable.  The customer can add text and images if they choose.  Or buy it as is for a unique mouse pad work of art!

Browse the designs below or Visit My Online Store to see all the designs on mouse pads.

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Colorful Brindle Boxer Laptop Sleeve

Colorful Laptop Sleeves to Protect Your Laptop with Style

Protect your laptop in style with these colorful and unique laptop sleeves! These neoprene sleeves comes in three sizes: 10 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch.  They are lightweight and water resistant.  It has a top-loading design with a zippered closure.  These cases are form-fitting, so they are ideal for slim laptops, notebook computers, and tablets.  Their laptop sleeves are offered with the ability to print on one side only.

As with all of Zazzle’s products, these laptop sleeves are 100% customizable.  This means you can add your own text and pictures to an existing product.  Or buy it as-is and protect your laptop with a unique work of art! They come with a variety of designs, including mandalas, colorful animal art, and fantasy creatures. There are dozens of unique and colorful designs to choose from, including dragons, wolves, foxes, tigers, dogs, cats, phoenix birds, peacocks, and so much more.

I have most of my recent designs available as laptop sleeves.  You can see the different designs below, or click here see all of the laptop sleeves available in my online store!

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