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Tallulah the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Painting

This is a pet portrait of Tallulah, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog, which I completed on October 9, 2020. It is painted with acrylic paints on an 11″x14″ stretched canvas. This is a bit different than my usual style. The owner requested the natural coloration for the painting, which is best for dogs that have brown colored fur. There are still little pops of color here and there, and it has a very colorful teal background.  You can see a larger version of this painting in my Portfolio Gallery.

Tallulah photo vs painting

Above you can see a comparison to the original reference photograph and the finished painting. Tallulah is mostly a rich chocolate brown color with a white blaze on her chest.  she has very unusual coloring for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Normally, this breed of dog is only brown as a brindle, but she does not have any brindle markings.  I kept the painting fairly faithful to the original photograph, but I did have to use a few additional photos to fill in missing details, since the bandana covered the markings on her neck and chest.

Brown is a hard color to replicate in a colorful style, as it really has no analogue.  Other colors are easier.  For example, black looks great as dark blues and purples, and you can still tell it is black.  White is the same, using light versions of those colors plus a few extra. Gray fur is similar to white and black, using mid range cool color tones.  Tan colored fur is basically orange, and yellow dogs are already yellow.  But brown is one of those colors that does not really look good as a full saturation colorful style.  The closest pure color would be red or magenta.  But in reality, orange is actually a dark orange, so it works best as its own standalone color. Here is a really good video explaining why this is the case.

Tallulah closeup

Tallulah closeup

I did still take some liberties and add little pops of color here and there.  The brown is actually many different tones of brown, with some undertones of red, orange, yellow, green, and gray.  If you look closely you can see all these undertones.  This affect was created by doing a base layer underpainting to establish the general tone, and then adding many additional layers to create depth and texture.  The brown colors are not “straight from the tube” paint, and are mostly a mixture of one brown color with some dark purple and orange, with a hint of magenta, and light yellow in some areas. The white areas were painted with mixtures of brown and light blue with white, in various shades and tints. The Staffordshire bull terrier’s coloration is generally warm, so it contrasts nicely with the cool teal background.

Tallulah 2017 vs 2020

Tallulah 2017 vs 2020

Tallulah’s portrait is the 20th pet portrait that I have painted so far this year. This is almost double the number of portraits that I painted in 2019 (eleven), and I still have many more to go this year! For those of who who may not know, this is the second time I have painted Tallulah. Hers was the very first pet portrait that I painted, in February of 2017. In face, it was her owner that got me into painting pet portraits in the first place. Comparing the very first portrait to my latest portrait shows over 3 years of progress in improving my skills and establishing my style. A big thank to you Tallulah and her mom for coming with me on this journey!

If you like this painting, and want one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portraits page for more information on the process and pricing.

Tallulah throw pillow

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Colorful Fluorescent Dog Portrait

This bright fluorescent pet portrait painting features a mixed breed dog named Belle.  It was completed on September 16, 2020, and was created with acrylic paints on a 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. The portrait was painted with bright rainbow colors, against a background that is a gradient of blue and green.  The mostly blue background is a complementary color to the mostly orange color of the subject, which makes the dog “pop” from the canvas.  The reserved, plain background allows the subject to be the sole focus of the painting.  It is an abstract version of the background in the actual photo reference, which was a bright blue sky and green grass. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my Portfolio Gallery.

Belle is a mostly brownish-tan color, which was represented in this painting as bright orange. The pose of the dog is dynamic and original.  She is not facing forward, nor is she facing sideways (profile view). Her face is at a three-quarters pose, and she is looking at something off camera, and her ears are moving, listening to her surroundings.  This pose makes for a more interesting portrait than the traditional full head on symmetrical poses that are popular with portrait paintings.

I used a good amount of fluorescent paints in the creation of this painting.  Since fluorescent paints are more transparent, I paint a base payer first, then layer the fluorescent paints over top of it.  It is impossible to see this in the scan, since a computer screen cannot differentiate between regular orange and fluorescent orange.  But it is very obvious in the actual painting.  Regular orange appears rather dull and drab when compared to the fluorescent orange paint. I also used touches of fluorescent pink and yellow.  A lighter yellow color was used for the highlights, and purple and blues were used very minimally for shading.  Little touches of green were added throughout to create interest and break up large areas of a single color.

If you like this painting and want one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portrait Commission Page to find out about pricing and other information.

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Cute Rainbow Dog Pet Portrait

Completed on August 22, 2020, was this cute portrait of an adorable mixed breed dog named Churro in bright rainbow colors. It was painted with acrylics on an 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. Churro is a mixed breed dog, most likely a poodle and terrier cross.  He has really wild ears, and it was great fun creating them on canvas! A larger version of this painting can be seen on this webpage here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Churro.

Churro photo vs painting rainbow dog

Churro photo vs painting

Above you can see the comparison of the reference photo with the painting.  I used two references for this painting.  This was the main one for the ears and body, and I used a different one for his face, which was facing forward.  He is overall a light tan color with darker areas around his muzzle and on his ears.  The lighter areas were created using an under-painting of a light beige color, and then layers of other pastel tinted colors on top.  The ears were given a base of medium blue, with other colors layered on top.  The different colors and layers give the dog depth and gives the fur texture.

The bright burst of rainbow colors in the background was intentionally chosen to make the dog pop from the background, using complementary colors and contrast of light and dark.  The lightest colors, such as yellow and orange, are around his ears, which are a dark color.  The darkest colors are near his body, which is light colored. Extra brush strokes of varying color were added to the background to make it interesting.

Above are close up views of the painting, showing the details and colors used.  From a distance, the colors kind of blend together and make the dog look overall a beige color.  But on closeup view, the various colors and brush strokes can be seen.  I used full spectrum and full saturation rainbow colors in the painting of this dog.  It is both subtle and bright at the same time.

If you like this painting and want one of your own dog or cat, please visit my Pet Portrait Information Page for prices and sizes. These are all created with acrylic paints on stretched canvas in your choice of sizes.

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Colorful Cosmic Goldendoodle Portrait

Completed July 27, 2020, this is the colorful pet portrait of Buddy, the goldendoodle. It was painted with acrylics on 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas. The owner of the dog requested a galaxy cosmic background.  This is the first time I have done this type of background specifically for a pet portrait.  It creates a unique painting experience, while also being psychedelic and colorful. For the background, I used layers of dark purple with magenta, hot pink, and medium and light blues.  This achieved the nebula effect.  Then I added progressively lighter colors as stars, with pure white used as a highlight in the larger, brighter stars. The overall lighter and warm colors of the dog contrast nicely against the darker and cooler colors of the background. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio – Colorful Pet Portrait – Buddy the Goldendoodle.

Buddy Goldendoodle Closeup of painting

Buddy Goldendoodle Closeup of painting

Above you can see a close up view of the painting. From a distance, his painting has an overall “golden” tone, with lots of yellows and oranges.  This in general matches the cream and golden colors of the actual dog’s fur color. Up close, though, you can see I actually used the entire rainbow worth of colors in his fur. Red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, magenta, and everything in between was used for each clump of fur. This makes the painting more dynamic, and much more interesting than if I had only limited my color palette to a few colors.

In general, in choosing the colors I will use for a portrait, I try to select colors that closely match the real colors and tones of the fur.  Then, I add splashes of other colors to bring depth to the painting, and make it more interesting. In the case of this goldendoodle, I chose mostly warm colors for the base color, and layered on many other colors that represent the shadows in the clumps of fur.

Buddy goldendoodle photo vs painting

Buddy reference photo and painting

Here you can see the comparison of the painting with the reference photo. As usual, I used two other secondary references to fill in details that were blurry or missing in this main reference photo. The dog’s eyes were obscured by clumps of fur, and I chose to remove some of those so the eyes can be seen better.  The dogs’ head was sharp and in focus, but the body was obscured by a hand, as well as being out of focus.  Secondary photo references helped to fill in those missing details.

If you like this painting and want something similar of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portraits Information page to learn more. There you can get an idea of prices and sizes available, and see other examples of my work.

A print of this painting is available in my Online Print Store.

Psychedelic Rainbow Rottweiler Pet Portrait Painting

Completed on July 16, 2020, this pet portrait painting is of a female Rottweiler mixed breed dog named Shadow in bright rainbow colors.  This portrait was created with acrylic paints on an 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas.  Both the background and the dog have bright psychedelic rainbow colors, making this a vibrant and dynamic portrait. This is the first of two portraits for the same owner. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here – Colorful Pet Portrait – Shadow the Rottweiler.


Please see the closeup views of the portrait above.  You can see the brush strokes and details, as well as the colors used.  Shadow is a black and tan dog with rottweiler markings, which i portrayed in a rainbow style.  The black areas of her fur were created with mostly darker cool colors, such as purple, violet, blues and greens, with splashes of magenta and dark yellows.  The tan areas of her fur are portrayed with brighter warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and some magenta and hot pink.  The background is a style I like to call “rainbow confetti”. It starts with a tie-dye inspired abstract blocking of colors, with adjacent colors overlaid in large square shaped brush strokes.

i really like using this rainbow art style.  My more recent pet portrait paintings have been more psychedelic than the older ones.  I feel more comfortable and confident with this style, and more assured that people will like it.  When I first started doing pet portraits, I wanted to use a lot of color, but also did not want to go overboard, in case the owners did not like it.  However I have found people really respond to this colorful style and want something different with their pet portraits.

If you enjoy my art style, and would like a colorful pet portrait of your own, please contact me. Visit my Pet Portraits Commission page to get more information on prices, sizes, materials, and more.  I would be happy to paint your pet in my psychedelic rainbow style!

This painting is available in my online Gallery Art Store as an art print, canvas print, tote bag, cell phone case, throw pillow, fleece blanket, beach towel, coffee mug, and much more!

Rainbow Black Lab Psychedelic Pet Portrait

This colorful pet portrait, depicting a colorful Black Labrador Retriever Dog named Rocky, was finished on June 22, 2020. I was able to capture the steps involved in the creation of this painting, and made a video, which can be seen below. This portrait was created with acrylic paints on an 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas. I used vibrant rainbow colors in a semi psychedelic style, resulting in a dynamic and interesting portrait. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Rocky the Labrador Retriever.

I first create a sketch from the reference photo. This sketch is transferred to the canvas using graphite paper. I then start with the background, blocking in the overall colors that I will be using.  Then I go back and add some elements to the background, like heavy brush strokes of varying colors to make it more interesting.  Fine hairs and details like whiskers are layered over the background, so it is important that it is finished first.

After the background is acceptable, I move into the pet.  I always start with the eyes, then move to the nose and mouth.  I feel these are the most important parts of a portrait, and complete these first before moving on to the rest of the painting. Then, I start blocking in the main features of the pet’s face. The dark areas (shadows) of the dog’s face are blocked in with dioxazine purple, and the lighter areas of the face are blocked in with light blue. The edges between the dark purple and light blue are neatened up by adding some fur line brush strokes.

Details are then layered on top. Many layers will go into this, and more colors are added at this stage.  Magenta, hot pink, green, medium blue, and some white are added until the desired effect is achieved. The same process is repeated on the body.

I sign the bottom, and the portrait is complete!  The painting will then dry completely for 2-3 days, then two layers of clear gloss acrylic varnish will be added.  This varnish protects the painting, as well as evening out the different glossiness of the paints. It also makes the colors more rich.

Please watch the video below to get an idea of my process.

If you are interested in having a psychedelic portrait painted of your own pet, please contact me! Visit my Pet Portraits Page for more information on pricing and sizes.

This artwork is also available in my online stores for sale as a fine art print and other merchandise.  Please visit my Pixels.com Gallery Store for fine art prints, canvas prints, and prints on wood, acrylic, metal, and tapestries. Also available in this store is home decor products like throw pillows, fleece blankets, coffee mugs, tote bags, cell phone cases, t-shirts and more.  Please visit my RedBubble store for other products such as stickers, coasters, socks, and other cool things.

Poseidon Zeus Hades

Multiple Dog Pet Portrait Acrylic Painting on Canvas

My latest pet portrait painting is complete!  Finished March 19, 2020.  This portrait is created with acrylic paints on a 12″ x 16″ stretched canvas. From left to right, they are: Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades.  Poseidon is a Keeshond, and so is Zeus, and Hades is a shepherd mixed breed. A larger version of this painting is available for viewing in my portfolio here – Poseidon, Zeus and Hades.

Please click on the pictures below to see close up view of all three dogs.


This painting was created with my signature colorful style, but in a slightly different way. Looking at a small thumbnail version of the picture, the dogs look fairly normal, somewhat grey and black.  However, once you zoom in and see the details you can see that no grey or brown was used. The fur details of the dogs was created using the entire spectrum of colors in small impressionistic brush strokes.  For example, in the “white” areas of Zeus’ face, you can see purple, blue, green, yellow, magenta, orange, and red.  This creates a very interesting visual illusion. I chose this method because these dogs do not have solid colors.  Instead, their fur has an agouti, or ticked, appearance.  The grey areas of the dogs are actually made up of hairs that have small black and white bands that give the appearance of grey from a distance.

Comparing the painting with the photo

Comparing the painting with the photo

Here you can see a comparison view of the painting vs the reference photo. This painting is actually rather atypical for me, since I rarely use the reference photo exactly as it is. I usually do a composite of multiple photos, even for a single portrait. By compositing, I mean maybe I will use one photo reference for the overall position, but a different one for the eyes and yet another one for the markings. Most of the pictures I get to use as my references for pet portraits are cell phone shots, and they tend to be a bit out of focus, too dark, too small, taken from too far away and there is loss of detail, lots of compression artifacts, or maybe some bit got cut off. So I tend to pick one that I like best for the main reference and use the others to fill in the details. This is fine, expected, and part of the process of being a pet portrait artist. This photo was exceptional and perfect, and I didn’t feel like there needed to be any changes made.

If you like my art style and want to commission a pet portrait of your own, please visit my information page.

You may also visit my Etsy Store.


Vibrant Rainbow Pug Dog Portrait

My newest painting, titled Comic Relief – Colorful Pug Dog,  was completed on December 2, 2018.  This is the 12th painting in the Colorful Dog Portraits series.  This painting was created with acrylic paints on board, and measures 11″ wide by 14″ tall.  This is a portrait of a pug created with vibrant  rainbow colors.

The original painting is for sale. If you are interested please Contact Me.

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Boston Terrier

New Painting – Colorful Boston Terrier

My newest painting, titled Effervescent – Boston Terrier Dog,  was completed on November 23, 2018.  This is the 11th painting in the Colorful Dog Portraits series.  This painting was created with acrylic paints on board, and measures 11″ wide by 14″ tall.  This is a portrait of a Boston Terrier dog created with vibrant colors. The Boston Terrier is a non-sporting or companion breed that originated in the United States of America. Ancestors of the breed include various bulldog and terrier types, including the similar French Bulldog. They have a tuxedo coloration that is either black and white, seal and white, or brindle and white. They are typically friendly and gentle natured dogs.

The original painting is for sale. If you are interested please Contact Me.

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Colorful Brindle Boxer

Colorful Dog Painting – Brindle Boxer

My newest painting, titled Devoted Guardian – Brindle Boxer Dog,  was completed on November 16, 2018.  This is the 10th painting in the Colorful Dog Portraits series.  This painting was created with acrylic paints on board, and measures 11″ wide by 14″ tall.  This is a portrait of a brindle boxer dog created with vibrant colors. The photo reference is from Pixabay.

The Boxer was developed in Germany as a working dog. They were bred from the now extinct Bullenbeisser (a mastiff-type dog) and the Old English bulldog. They were popular as a military, guard, and pack dog, and became a very popular companion breed. Their short dense coat comes in a variety of colors, with fawn and brindle being the most commonly seen.

The original painting is for sale. If you are interested please Contact Me.

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