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Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish Framed Picture

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish Drawing

This drawing, titled “Psychedelic Rainbow Trout”, was drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils on 11″ x 14″ Strathmore 400 series drawing paper. It was completed on December 6, 2015.  This is one of several psychedelic themed drawings that were drawn during 2015. The reason for this is that I was contacted by a calendar company earlier that year. They wanted to create a psychedelic art calendar featuring my drawings.  At the time I did not have enough drawings for a calendar, and so I was busy creating some new artwork for the calendar.  Unfortunately, the proposal did not pass, but at least I got several cool new drawings out of it!  This was one of them. You can see a larger view of the artwork in my Portfolio.

This is loosely based off of a random fish drawing that I had done several years ago (which I can’t seem to find), of a jumping fish surrounded by rainbow colored spirals.  I wasn’t really happy with that drawing, and wanted to do a better version.  I came up with the idea of having the fish jumping out of water in front of the setting sun, with the suns rays waving through the air. The sun became a spiral, and the rays became very funky, and staring at that area becomes a kind of optical illusion where the rays seem to rotate!  Totally unintentional.  Most of the time with these types of drawings, I really don’t have any overall plan as far as colors or designs.  It just sort of starts to emerge while I am drawing it, which is what happened here.

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout pillows

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout throw pillow

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Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala Drawing

Originally titled “Epiphany”, now titled “Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala”, this drawing was one of my earliest psychedelic artworks. It was completed on March 31, 2007, and was created with Prismacolor colored pencils on drawing paper. A larger version of this drawing can be seen in my portfolio gallery – Epiphany.

Celtic Mandala and Triskelion Symbolism

It was heavily influenced by sacred geometry and ancient Celtic artwork designs and symbolism. It is a complicated and many layered geometric mandala based on the Celtic triskele (or triskelion). A triskelion is an abstract figure consisting of three spirals that have radial symmetry.

The central figure of this drawing is a triskele of three groups of four fish, with blue, green, yellow and red coloration, overlaid on abstract spiral designs. There is a triquetra or Trinity Knot in the very middle between the fish tails. An inner border consists of three Chinese dragons overlaid on a golden abstract design with spirals. An outer border consists of a ring of rainbow colored Celtic waves. Outside of the wave border is a light yellow circle with sun rays reaching out.  Encircling that is a golden colored belt which is just out of the drawing, with more waves and spirals, on top of multicolored psychedelic dragon scales.  Many layers, very complicated.

Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala closeup

Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala closeup

The Myth of The Koi Fish and the Waterfall

Although while I was drawing this it was just to create a cool design with dragons and rainbows, the mandala itself can be said to be loosely based on the Chinese myth about the koi fish who swim up a waterfall and turn into dragons. The story goes that a group of koi fish were swimming in the Yellow River in China, going upstream against the current. When they reached the waterfall at the end of the river, they encountered a waterfall, and many of the koi fish turned back. A few koi fish remained, and they leaped and swam hard against the waterfall, trying to reach the top. One day, after a hundred years of swimming and leaping, one koi fish managed to make it to the top of the waterfall. To reward the koi fish for his perseverance, the gods transformed him into a dragon.

This drawing was created at a period of time that I was fascinated by Celtic artwork and mandalas.  I created several psychedelic mandalas during this time period.  I really love the symbolism involved, and the sense of peace and meditation while creating these fascinating geometric forms. I wish I had created more.  The reason I stopped is because I honestly had trouble coming up with unique and original ideas.  I didn’t want to seem like I was just copying other people’s work.

Art Prints and Gifts

T-shirts and more

This artwork is available in all of my online stores for purchase as an art print and on merchandise. You can purchase this as an art print in my FineArtAmerica store. Home decor, gifts, t-shirts and vinyl stickers are available in my RedBubble store. My Zazzle Store has keychains, coasters, mouse pads, and other cool stuff.

Psychedelic Wolf

Something Different – Psychedelic Wolf Drawing

My popular drawing “Psychedelic Wolf” was one of my earliest psychedelic animal drawings.  It was completed on February 4, 2008, and was created with Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore drawing paper.  It features a portrait of a wolf with alternating bands of colors forming the wolf’s head and upper body, with a background also consisting of colored bands of different colors. A larger version of this drawing can be seen in my portfolio here – Psychedelic Wolf.

Inspiration for the Artwork

In the years between 2006-2008, I created several now popular psychedelic inspired drawings.  This marked a turning point in my artistic style as well as marked the beginnings of my professional art career. At this period of time, I was started to get more into the classic rock of the 1960s and 1970s, and was influenced by the artwork of that era. My previous artwork consisted of mostly semi-realistic animal portraits and fantasy drawings.  I liked to draw, but was struggling with trying to find my own style.  I’d like to think I found it now!

The funny thing about this drawing was that my original plan for it was nothing like how it eventually turned out.  It was just going to be another wolf portrait, but my original idea was to make it just a bit more colorful.  As I was starting to draw it, however, it seemed like the drawing had a mind of its own, and I just started laying down streaks of colors.  I used complementary colors next to each other for extreme contrast, and the lines themselves were gradient and dynamic, changing colors with each twist and turn.  The right edge of the wolf’s body seems to start to “melt” into the background.

The overall color tones used did mimic the markings of a grey wolf: darker colors used in darker areas, and lighter ones in lighter areas.  This becomes apparent when you look at a greyscale version of the drawing, which you can see below. The dark areas are the inside of the ears, the middle of the forehead, around the eyes, the nose and mouth, and the markings just around the top and sides of the eyes.

psychedelic wolf color vs grey

“Psychedelic Wolf” – color vs grey

This was one of the first drawings that I uploaded to my newly opened online store, then on CafePress. I honestly had no idea that anyone would like this at all, but it quickly became one of my most popular artworks of all time.  Even 12 years later, this still remains what I consider my flagship piece.  I still have the original drawing in my art portfolio.

This artwork is available in all of my online stores for purchase as an art print and on merchandise. Please read below to know what is available in each store.

FineArtAmerica – Art Prints and Home Decor

Psychedelic Wolf Art Prints

Psychedelic Wolf Art Prints

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RedBubble Store – Home Decor and Apparel

Psychedelic wolf redbubble

Psychedelic wolf Redbubble Store

I have had my RedBubble store since 2008 and this was the very first design I uploaded there. They are a fantastic place to go for all kinds of gifts and decor. They have many of the same products as my FineArtAmerica store, but also have several unique products. Although they do have art prints and canvas prints, the sizes offered are more limited, with usually only 3-4 size choices for each print type. The one print they do have that is unique to RedBubble is the Gallery Art Board.

They have the most apparel options of any of my online stores. You can choose from so many different styles and colors of shirt, and even dresses and skirts!  They also have really awesome die-cut vinyl stickers, which come in four sizes, and your choice of transparent, glossy white, or matte white. They have many great electronics cases, including laptop skins and sleeves, iPad skins and cases, iPhone skins and cases, and Samsung Galaxy skins and cases.  They have three types of cell phone cases: soft, tough, and snap.

RedBubble has several products not found in FineArtAmerica, including acrylic blocks, bath mats, clocks, coasters, comforters, floor pillows, drawstring bags, cotton tote bags, travel mugs, and aprons. They also have other products such as pin back buttons, scarves, socks, hardcover journals, and water bottles.  They recently added jigsaw puzzles.

Zazzle – Unique Gifts

Psychedelic Wolf Pint Glass

Psychedelic Wolf Pint Glass

I have also had my Zazzle store since 2008. This was probably the first artwork I uploaded there as well.  Zazzle has some amazing products that are not found in any other print on demand art store online. (Print on demand stores are stores where artists can sell products with their art printed on them).  They are best for unique kitchen and dining decor, stationery products, and cool gifts. My Zazzle store contains the following unique products:

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Stationery, School and Office

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Other Unique Gifts

Other unique gifts Zazzle has are ornaments in ceramic and acrylic, jigsaw puzzles in many sizes, Otterbox brand cell phone cases, reusable grocery bags, baby blankets, door mats, bath towel sets, keychains, bandanas, playing cards, and square wall tapestries.