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Longhaired Tabby Cat with Sunset Background

This painting is a portrait of a longhaired gray tabby cat named “Averie”. It was completed on February 12, 2021. It is an acrylic painting on a 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. The cat is painted with soft pastel rainbow colors on a vibrant sunset background. The background is a gradient blend of warm violet, magenta, red, and orange. The colors in the cat are primarily light and dark purples and blues, with touches of magenta, teal, yellow, and hot pink. The mostly cool colors of the cat contrast with the warm colors of the background, and are complementary. The eye color was left natural, which was a pale yellow with some light brown around the pupils and pale green around the outside edge. You can see a larger version of this painting in my Portfolio Gallery.

I typically use a lot of greens and blues in my background, and I wanted to try something different. I rarely use warm colors (red, orange, yellow) in my backgrounds, and I thought that this would provide a nice contrast to the subject. I really like this color scheme and would like to use it more often in my future portraits. The photos of this longhaired tabby cat had a lot of detail in the fur texture, which was fun to re-create on the canvas. I used a size 10 round pointed tip brush to get the fur details.

The orange, red, and hot pink are created with fluorescent paints, of which the orange does not translate well to a digital scan of the artwork. Thus, the artwork is more colorful in real life than it appears on the monitor. But this scan is a fairly accurate representation of the actual painting.

If you really like this painting of Averie, and want one of your own pet, then please visit my Pet Portraits Commission Page to learn more about the process, and see the price list.

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Colorful Longhaired Tabby Cat Art Print

Colorful Longhaired Tabby Cat Art Print

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Portrait Painting of Gray and White Cat

This portrait is the second of four paintings for the same customer.  This is Lenny, a gray and white long haired cat. His portrait was completed on October 20, 2020.  It is painted with acrylic paints on an 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. The owner requested that I use natural colors for his portrait, with little pops of color here and there, and a green/yellow background to complement his eyes. You can see a larger version of this painting in my pet portraits portfolio.

Lenny photo vs painting

Lenny photo vs painting

Above you can see a comparison of the painting with the reference photo. Although my style is usually colorful or psychedelic, I found it a nice change of pace to do a portrait with grays and browns instead of the entire rainbow.  I can create more subtlety and nuance in the fur details and shadows with realistic colors.  I started off with a base of grays, which I created by mixing black and white in various amounts along with some light blue and browns to create undertones.  I then layered lighter and darker grays of various tones overtop to create the fur textures.  Occasionally I would use some pure colors like purple or blue to add bits if interest to the fur.

Lenny closeup view

Above you can see a close up view of the painting.  With my style, I am not aiming at pure realism.  I don’t paint every hair, nor do I hyper-focus on fine details.  Although my art is somewhat detailed, it falls more towards the impressionistic side of realism.  I out the most details into key aspects of the painting, such as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.  For the fur, I establish the over tone (highlights, shadows, colors) but like to keep my brush strokes more loose and bold.  It could not be mistaken for a photograph, it is definitely a painting!

The benefit of painting in this style allows me to work with photographic references that are less than ideal.  A lot of photos of our pets are snapshots.  Some of the older ones may have been taken with the earliest cell phones, point and click digital cameras, or even disposable film cameras (remember those?).  These photos are not great, but they may be the only ones we have of our beloved pets.  I will work with what I am given.

Since the last two paintings use natural colors, I am now offering “natural colors” as a style option to my clients.  You can see more examples of this in this blog article.

If you like this painting of Lenny and want one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portraits Information Page for more details on sizes and prices.

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Colorful Cat Portrait of Long Haired Gray Tabby Cat

This pet portrait features my own cat, Frodo, and it is painted with acrylics on 14″ x 18″ stretched canvas. It was finished on October 1, 2020. This is the first of many portraits I will be doing of my own personal pets. Frodo is a four year old male long haired gray tabby cat. I chose to represent his colors with various shades of blue and purple with some pops of green and magenta. The background is a dark abstract of mostly purple, blue and magenta, with a bit of teal.  The lighter areas of his fur are actually a creamy color, so I enhanced those areas with very light warm colors.

Closeup of painting

Closeup of painting

Above you can see some close up views of the painting, which shows the details and colors used.  To achieve this color, I used a base painting of Light Blue Violet, and layered many other colors on top of it, including dioxazine purple, light blue permanent, fluorescent pink, brilliant blue, light aqua green, and several others.  Applying a base layer first then layering on other colors creates depth, and also eliminates the white of the canvas showing through.  His eyes are interesting, and they seem to change color depending on the light source. They are usually a pale aqua greenish-gray, but sometimes can appear more yellow or green.  The eye color here does not match exactly, but it fits better with the overall portrait.  There is a bit of blue color surrounding his pupils, which is captured here.

gray tabby cat photo vs painting

gray tabby cat photo vs painting

Above is a comparison of the painting with the original reference photo.  I took several artistic liberties with this portrait.  I did not recreate the fur on the neck exactly like this photo, but used it as a general guide.  I have many other photos of him, as well as looking at the actual cat himself, that I used as reference.  I was originally going to have a dramatic light source, like the photo, but decided on a more flat one instead.  This is more of an artistic interpretation than just copying the photo exactly.  I may paint another one in the future using a dramatic light source.

The Story of Frodo’s Rescue

Frodo is the newest member of our gang. We rescued him in 2016, from a parking lot near a steakhouse.  We had met some friends for a farewell lunch at this particular steakhouse. While we were getting ready to leave, my husband saw some movement in the yard in front of the restaurant. It was a little gray tabby cat kitten, and was running frantically around the area, meowing.  He was semi-feral, and very scared, but still meowing for attention.  We could only get about 10 feet from him before he would run off and hide somewhere.  The property around the steakhouse had lots of bushes, a wooden deck, and an old wagon.  The kitten hid underneath the wagon, and we could not get him to come out.  My husband picked up one end of the wagon to get to him, but the kitten ran off into some bushes.

We cautiously chased him around the property for almost an hour.  I tried to lure him to us with some chicken strips and pieces of fish, but he would not come close to us.  Eventually, he ran and hid underneath the deck leading up to the front entrance of the restaurant. I played with the kitten underneath the deck with a long twig and talked to him, while my husband ran inside and got a smoked sausage.  We were hoping that his appetite would get the better of him, since he looked like he was starving. Fortunately for us, the kitten was very interested in the sausage!  I broke off small pieces of the sausage and put it on the deck steps.  Slowly, he came out, took a piece, and ran back underneath the deck with it.  I gradually put the pieces further away from the hole in the deck, and he started to come out more.  Once he was about halfway out, I used my free hand to quickly reach down and grab him, and pick him up.

He was severely underweight and very small; I originally thought he was 2 months old based on his weight, but he turned out to be almost 5 months old! He also had an old wound on his shoulder from who knows what. We were originally going to just keep him for a bit and then find him a permanent home. But we decided to keep him instead. I am a foster failure! He is a very sweet cat; I have never once heard him hiss or growl. He is very high energy and loves playing with ping pong balls, packing paper, and chasing the other cats around.

If you like this painting, and want one of your own pet, please check out my Pet Portraits Commission Information page.

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Psychedelic Rainbow Black Cat Pet Portrait Painting

My latest pet portrait is of a long haired black cat named Felix. This painting was completed on August 5, 2020.  It was created with acrylic paints on a 12″ x 16″ stretched canvas. The reference photo features a long haired black cat laying down in the sun on the carpet in front of a couch. I sought to replicate the dramatic back lighting while still striving to make it as colorful as possible, and used a palette of full saturation rainbow colors for this cat portrait. A larger version of this drawing can be seen in my portfolio here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Felix.

felix photo and painting

Felix rainbow cat photo and painting comparison

Above you can see the reference photo, on the left, compared to the painting, on the right. Most long haired cats are a lighter color on the areas that have the longest fur, usually the neck, chest, belly, and rear end. This is more pronounced on long haired black cats, who can also develop “bronzing” on their longer fur, creating a brownish tint. You can see in the photo reference that Felix has lighter fur in his neck ruff and belly, and so I sought to represent that in the painting by using lighter colors and a warmer color palette.  The darker black areas of his face and arms are painted with a palette of mostly cool colors, such as purple, blue, and some green, with a bit of magenta. Though the carpet is white, I decided to use yellows, oranges and greens for the carpet in the painting.  This provides some contrast with the colors used in his portrait.

Above are some close up views of the painting, showing the details and bright colors that I used.  Click on each one to see a larger version. I use Liquitex Basics and Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paints. I work in layers, which means I “block in” areas of color and then layer details on top.  The base colors I used on the face, for example, are Dioxazine Purple for the darker areas, and Light Blue Permanent for the light areas.  Then I add various shades of blues, purples, and greens on top of that, including some Fluorescent Pink to make the colors pop. This results in a really dynamic rainbow cat painting!

If you really like this painting of Felix, and would like to commission one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portraits page to learn more.

This image is available for purchase as a fine art print and other products for sale in my online stores. Visit my Pixels Store for high quality art prints and other home decor products. Also check out my RedBubble Store for additional products such as stickers and jigsaw puzzles!


Mockup in the header provided by Mucahit Gayiran on PixelBuddha.net.

Colorful Pet Portrait Gray and White Cat Painting

Completed on July 2, 2020, is a colorful pet portrait of a grey and white cat named Scooter. It is an acrylic painting on a 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas. The grey areas of the cat were created with mostly cool colors, like various shades of purple and blue. I also included a few brushstrokes of magenta, teal and mint green to keep it interesting.  Since grey is much lighter than black, I needed to make sure the colors were light enough to represent grey, and not too dark to be mistaken for black.  The white areas are represented with very light blue, light lavender, pale magenta, some mint green, and pale yellow for the shadows in the fur.  The background is a rainbow gradient with many brush strokes of adjacent colors. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Scooter.

Scooter Pet Portrait Painting vs Photo

Scooter Pet Portrait Painting vs Photo

Here you can see a comparison of the painting with the photo reference.  I used a different photo of this cat as a reference for the eyes, where the cat was looking up a bit with her eyes more open. Overall it is very close to the photo in composition. She is laying on a couch, and I represented that with various shades of green, blue and purple tones over a grey base layer.

Scooter closeup

Scooter closeup

Above you can see a close up view of the cat painting.  You can see the brush strokes, details, and get a good view of the colors used.  You can also see the texture of the canvas.  It is unavoidable in lighter colored areas of paintings to have the canvas texture show through.  However, it really proves that this is a real painting on canvas.

If you like this painting of Scooter and want one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portraits Commission page to learn about my process and see a list of prices and sizes.

This cat painting is also available in my online print stores as a fine art print and other home decor and gift products.  In my Pixels print store, you can purchase this artwork as a print on paper, canvas, metal, acrylic and wood, as well as a tapestry.  There are hundreds of options for framing.  You can also get tote bags, cell phone cases, fleece blankets, coffee mugs, throw pillows, shower curtains, beach towels, and more.

In my RedBubble store, this cat painting is available on many unique art products, such as jigsaw puzzles, clothing, vinyl stickers, magnets, coasters, acrylic blocks, comforters, clocks, face masks, and cooking aprons.

Kevin Colorful Brown Tabby Cat Painting

Rainbow Pet Portrait Painting of Brown Tabby Cat

Completed on June 4, 2020, this is the second of two pet portraits of cats painted for the same client, of a brown tabby cat named Kevin.  He was a rescue cat, and was abused before his current owner adopted him.  His ears are tattered and he has some scars on his face, that is all that remains of his previous abuse.  Now he is a happy and healthy cat living his best life!  A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here – Colorful Pet Portrait – Kevin.

Kevin photo vs painting Brown Tabby cat Painting

Kevin photo vs painting

A comparison of the reference photo with the actual painting can be seen above.  Although this was the main reference used, secondary references were used to fill in some details, as this photo is dark and a little blurry. I also changed his position a little bit so he is not leaning over so far to the left (his right). The markings on his chest are actually not that dark, as was seen from other photos taken in better light. And last, the collar was removed.  Some clients prefer that I leave the collar on and others prefer it be left off.

Kevin brown tabby cat painting closeup

Kevin painting closeup

In the above picture you can see a closeup view of this painting, where you can see the details, colors, and brush strokes. This portrait was created with acrylic paints on an 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. I used a full rainbow of colors to depict his tabby markings. The tabby markings are painted with dark blues and purples, in contrast to the mostly warm colors used for the rest of the fur.  I did an under-painting of magenta on the “brown” areas of his fur, and then added details with yellow, light blue, red, orange, and even some green to add depth. The combination of many colors gives the impression of “brown tabby” when viewed from a distance. Brown tabby cats are not actually brown, their fur has what is called an agouti ticking pattern. Each individual  hair has bands of various colors which give the impression of a brown color.   The background is a soft gradient of purple, blue and green, which contrasts with the mostly warm colors of the cat.  He is laying on a white comforter on top of a bed.  This had little detail in the actual photo, so I added some creases to make it look more like a blanket.

If you are interested in commissioning a colorful pet portrait of your own, please visit my Pet Portrait Information page for more information.

This artwork is also available for purchase as a fine art print and more in my Gallery Art Store.

Colorful Pet Portrait Painting – Alfred the Black Cat

My latest pet portrait painting was completed on May 25, 2020.  The subject was a black cat named Alfred.  The painting was created with acrylic paints on a 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. A larger view of the artwork can be seen in my portfolio here – Colorful Pet Portrait – Alfred.

Here is a comparison of the painting of Alfred with the reference photo. I took some liberties with the painting, besides the colors used, of course. In the original photo, Alfred has two light sources: daylight (blue) from the left, and incandescent indoor light (orange) from the right. I thought this was a really cool effect, but creating this with my bright colorful stye just didn’t look right to me. It was hard to tell he was a black cat with all the orange color. So I changed the details to be all one “light” source, using another photo I had of him as a secondary reference. This is a really cool effect that I may try to replicate in a future original painting, maybe of a black wolf or leopard.

Alfred black cat painting closeup

Alfred painting closeup

Above you can see a close up view of the painting, showing the details and colors used.  For Alfred’s portrait, I primarily used a base of blue and purple, and added layers of other colors on top.  All kinds of colors were used, including magenta, green, yellow, orange, and hot pink.  This gives a bit of depth to the painting and makes it more interesting than if I only used blue and purple. I chose green as the primary color for the background to bring out the green color of his eyes. I also added paint brush strokes of purple, blue, yellow, orange, and hot pink to add interest to the background.

My art style is somewhat more detailed, and less impressionistic, than art styles in painting that are popular right now, especially among artists that use a lot of color in their works.  As a former colored pencil artist, it is hard for me not to keep adding details to my paintings.  This makes my style stand out as unique, and also allows me to capture the unique personality, and markings of the pet. I try to make sure it looks like them down to fine details, even while using bright full saturation color.

If you are interested in purchasing a colorful pet portrait of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portrait Page for more information.

This artwork is also available in my online gallery store for purchase as a fine art print, canvas print, tote bag, cell phone case, and much more.

Colorful Pet Portrait Painting of Brown Tabby Kitten

My latest pet portrait painting was completed on May 15, 2020. The subject was a young long haired brown tabby kitten named Finnegan. His owner really loves the color red, and wanted me to incorporate a sunset color palette in his portrait. His portrait was painted using acrylic paints on a 9″ x 12″ stretched canvas.  You can see his portrait compared to the reference photo of him below. A larger view of the painting can be seen in my portfolio here – Colorful Pet Portrait – Finnegan.

Finnegan kitten portrait photo comparison

Finnegan kitten portrait photo comparison

He is laying on a fleece blanket, and I wanted to mimic that texture in my background, yet also use vibrant colors.  Originally, it was all red and yellow, but I felt that it was too harsh like that, so I toned down the yellow behind his head with light blue.  This also helps to divide the background into foreground and background, and the blue recedes a bit into the background providing some depth.

Even though I used an entire spectrum of colors to paint his fur, you can still tell he is a brown tabby kitten.  The brownish areas of his fur have a magenta, red, and orange undertone, with yellow, blue and green layered on top.  His stripes are created with dark purple and blue for contrast.  I used light blue along the lower edge of his arms and tail to separate him from the reds in the blanket.  No black was use in the creation of this portrait.  Areas that appear black in the painting are actually created using layers of dark purple.

Red paint has a tendency to look very dark and dull on the canvas.  Instead of red, I used fluorescent pink in many layers, along with orange, to create a bright vibrant red that seems to glow on the canvas. This is much more apparent in person than it is on the photo, as fluorescent colors do not scan accurately.  The result is a red that really stands out, instead of looking dull, washed out, and dark.  I recently started using a lot of fluorescent pink acrylic painting in my paintings and it really makes a huge difference in the vibrancy of the colors.

If you like this artwork and would like one of your own please visit my Pet Portraits Commission page for more information.

If you are instead interested in purchasing cat wall art for your home or office, please check out my Art Print Store online.

Colorful Pet Portrait of MC

Colorful Tabby Cat Pet Portrait

Just completed on April 7, 2020 is this colorful pet portrait of a brown and white tabby cat named MC.  It was created with acrylic paints on a 12″ x 16″ stretched canvas.  The portrait was created using a photograph as a reference with a few modifications. You can see a larger version of this painting in my Pet Portraits portfolio and a link to the page here: Colorful Pet Portrait – MC Cat.

The “brown” tabby stripes of this cat are actually created with a whole rainbow of colors!  Instead of large areas of the same color, I used a small round paintbrush to create fur texture using different colors next to each other in small amounts.  This creates an illusion where when viewed from a distance, the colors merge and become brown, but when viewed up close, you can see each brush stroke is a different color.  Click on the images below to see a close up view of the details in the face and body fur.

It was both a challenge and fun to create the tabby stripes on MC. Tabby markings aren’t just stripes.  They are usually blotches and spots as well.  Brown tabbies actually aren’t brown at all.  Their fur features what is called an “agouti” pattern, where each individual hair has bands of color along it, known as “ticking”.  When a lot of these hairs are grouped together, they give the illusion of color and markings.

The white areas of his fur were also created with multiple colors. The light source for the reference photo was from the right side, so it created a nice shadow on the side of his face.  I created this in the painting by using lots of blue and purple colors.  I balanced the cool blues and purples with warm pinks, orange and yellow throughout the white areas.

I chose the background color, a gradient of yellows, greens, and blues, to bring out the rich green color of his eyes.  The style I used for the background is what I call confetti. I create a gradient of the lighter colors first, then layer short thick brush strokes of the adjacent color overtop.  This creates an interesting yet non distracting background.  The lighter area of the background (yellow) is adjacent to the darkest areas of the cat’s body.  The darkest area of the background (blue and purple) is adjacent to the lightest areas of the cat’s portrait, mainly the face and upper body.  This contrast helps the cat “pop” out from the background.

MC photo and painting comparison

MC photo and painting comparison

Above you can see the comparison of the photo reference on the left to the painting on the right.  You can see that some changes were made to the portrait compared to the photo.  I rotated the reference photo so the cat was more horizontal.  The collar was removed.  The chair and background were changed, bringing the focus on the cat.  The orientation of his ears was modified slightly, bringing them more forward.  This gives the cat a more relaxed appearance.  In the photo the cat’s ears are more flattened toward the side, sometimes called “airplane ears”.  This can typically indicate displeasure or stress, or maybe he was listening to something in the background.  But it gives the impression of irritation, and I thought it would be better to have the ears at a more relaxed angle.

If you enjoy this painting, and want a similar one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portrait Information page here to learn more about the process.

This painting is available as a fine art print in my gallery store.  Choose from multiple paper types with hundreds of options for framing.  You can also choose a canvas print, metal print, acrylic print, or wood print.  Other products available are a cell phone case, throw pillow, fleece blanket, coffee mug, tote bag, wall tapestry, greeting cards, and a spiral notebook.

Siamese Cat Painting

Colorful Siamese Painting Available as Print and More

My newest painting, Jewel of the Orient – Siamese Cat, is now available online for purchase as a fine art print and much more in my online stores.   This painting was created with acrylic paints on board, and measures 11″ wide by 14″ tall. It was completed on March 1, 2019. The original is for sale, if you are interested please Contact Me.

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