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2019 Year in Review – Original Artwork

A look back at the original paintings that I have completed this year. I have increased my portfolio by 21 more paintings: 10 of those are original artworks, and 11 are commissions. I am playing with a more dramatic lighting effect on my subjects this past year, and using more color spectrum and saturated colors. I feel that my previous paintings from 2018 were more conservative than these.

Psychedelic Animals

Two of my paintings, the Electric Gecko and the Paisley Butterfly, were a nice addition to my Psychedelic Animal Artwork gallery.  These are using tie dye inspired backgrounds, with paint splatters and geometric shapes, and incorporating rainbow colored paisley designs in the animal itself.  I have plans to create more animals in this style in the coming year.

Wild Felines

I have been able to add three more big cats to my Colorful Wild Felines portfolio.  These paintings use heavy light and shadow, and really intense colors, with a special focus on the eyes.  I hope to create more wild cats in the coming years.  I want to finish the big cats series with a mountain lion, cheetah, snow leopard, and clouded leopard.  And I also want to create paintings of some smaller wild cats that are less represented in art, such as the ocelot, fishing cat, Pallas’ cat, margay, and others.

Colorful Cat Paintings

I started a new gallery for my Colorful Cat Paintings this year.  I have three brand new paintings in this gallery, including an orange tabby, Siamese, and a black cat.  I will be actively creating more cat paintings in the upcoming year, and beyond.  Besides personally loving cats, I also think they make interesting subjects, and are very popular in art.  I have personally taken the rainbow tabby cat as my new logo for my website and avatar for my social media and commerce accounts.

Colorful Dog Paintings

I added the Rottweiler to my Colorful Dog Paintings gallery.  Since I have so many dogs already, I want to focus more on cats in my original artwork.  Although I still plan to create more unique dog paintings.  I have a Pomeranian in the works, as well as a Bernese Mountain Dog, Siberian Husky, and a Beagle.  This rottie was created with full spectrum rainbow colors, and using heavy light and shadow to create an interesting portrait.

Foxes and Wild Dogs

Finally, adding to my Foxes and Wild Dogs gallery, I have an Arctic Fox in winter.  This is keeping with the theme of dramatic lighting, which I really like. I want to add more wild canines to this portfolio, including more foxes, coyotes, a maned wolf, African wild dog, and of course, more wolves.  The wolf is my favorite animal, and I really have not painted them enough.

Lion, Jaguar and Tiger paintings

Lion, Jaguar and Tiger paintings

Wall Art, Home Decor and Gifts

All of these original paintings are available for purchase through my Etsy store.  They are all painted on 11′ x 14″ wood panels, and come with the option for framing. I also have wall art options, such as art prints and canvas prints, available from my Gallery Store.  Also available in this store are gifts and decor such as throw pillows, fleece blankets, coffee mugs, tote bags, wall tapestries, greeting cards, beach towels, cell phone cases, and many more.  My RedBubble store also has many great wall art and home decor options, as well as other gift options like cotton totes, apparel, laptop cases, acrylic blocks, socks, travel mugs, die cut vinyl stickers, water bottles, coasters, and zipper pouches.  My Society6 store has much of the same, but with a few different products like acrylic trays, bamboo cutting boards, wall hangings, and mini prints. And finally my Zazzle store has a ton of cool and unique products that you can’t find anywhere else, including stationery and office products, kitchen and dining decor, Otterbox cell phone cases, and sherpa blankets.

Plans for 2020

I have a lot of pet portraits already scheduled for the first half of next year. I will try to create my original paintings in between, or after I am done with all of them.  I want to create more cat paintings, as well as a series of birds, farm animals, and wildlife such as elephants. I have plans to paint a rainbow colored Chinese Dragon, a multicolored flying raven, a psychedelic paisley elephant, a colorful panda, and more unconventional animals such as the sloth, pangolin, and capybara.  Let’s see how many I can get to!

2019 Year in Review – Pet Portraits

2019 has been a busy year for me for pet portraits! I have completed 11 portraits, which is more than last year. Whereas the last few years have been mostly friends and friends of friends, this year I have done many more portraits for those I don’t know personally. I am happy that my pet portrait business is taking off, and people are able to find my website and Etsy listings. I also completed my first multi-pet portrait (the three dogs) and the owner was so pleased with it she wants me to paint two more!

I have one of my friends to thank for getting me into this business in the first place. She reached out to me three years ago and asked me to paint her pet’s portraits, even though at that time I really had not painted any dogs or cats. Since then, I have created 25 portraits for customers all over the United States. It has been a little bumpy the last few years: not knowing what to charge, how people will find me, what style I should do, and if people will even like my art! But I feel like I am making progress, I am getting better every time I complete a portrait, and people are finally finding me online specifically for pet portraits. I already have several portraits booked into the next year, something that has not happened before!

I am also having fun creating artwork from my customer’s photos. I know that not many artists will take commissions for a multitude of reasons, and bad photos are one of them. However, I actually don’t mind getting reference photos which are less than ideal, since it allows me to use my artistic license and really create a work of art. It is a challenge to create a portrait from a small and grainy photo, but I feel like my colorful realistic yet slightly impressionistic style is well suited for the task, since I don’t need to focus too much in every little hair. And it is especially a joy when I do get a great photo to work from!

Please enjoy this review of my portraits from the past year, and look forward to more in the upcoming 2020 year!

To order your own custom colorful pet portrait, please click on the Pet Portraits link above or the image below.

Custom Pet Portraits from your Photo