Colorful Pet Portraits

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Please view my entire Pet Portrait painting portfolio below! Clicking on an image will enlarge it, and you can read the caption to learn more about that artwork. All of my pet portraits from 2017 to today can be seen in this gallery, with the newest at the top. If you wish to see only dogs, only cats, only other pets, or only ornaments, then click the links above to see only portraits with those subjects.

This gallery contains colorful pet portraits painted in my signature vibrant style.  My pet portraits are expressive and colorful, with a focus on details and realism while also using bold bright color.  I especially focus a lot of detail on the eyes and face. I primarily work with acrylic paints on stretched canvas. In this gallery are mostly dogs and cats, but I paint other species as well.  In this portfolio you can see paintings of sheep, a hamster, a bearded dragon, and a chicken! I specialize in doing memorial pet portraits, and can work with almost any photo you can provide. I can capture any furry, feathered, or scaly friend in my unique colorful realistic style. I can be commissioned to paint cats and dogs of any breed, as well as farm animals, reptiles, birds, rodents, fish, and even wild animals. I can paint multiple pets on one canvas.

I have been painting unique colorful pet portraits since 2017. In that time, I have created numerous portraits for customers all over the United States. All of my portraits are created from the customer’s photographs. Many of them were created using more than one reference for a unique work of art. I am very flexible and communicate frequently throughout the process. I will work with whatever photos you have available. My unique style allows me to be flexible in my artistic interpretation of your pet. I can combine features from different photos to create your one of a kind masterpiece!

For more information on my commissions, please go to the Commission Request page.  There you can find information about the materials I use, a price list, and availability. Prices include shipping within the United States.

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