Other Pet Portraits

In this portfolio gallery are pet portraits that are not dogs or cats. Please click the image thumbnails below to see a larger size.

Although the majority of my pet portraits are dogs and cats, I do occasionally get the chance to paint other animals! This includes birds, reptiles, rodents, and farm animals. In this gallery you can see my portraits of sheep, hamster, chameleon, bearded dragon, and a chicken! I hope to add more unique pets to this gallery soon.

I have been painting unique colorful pet portraits since 2017. In that time, I have created numerous portraits for customers all over the United States. All of my portraits are created from the customer’s photographs. Many of them were created using more than one reference for a unique work of art. I am very flexible and communicate frequently throughout the process. I will work with whatever photos you have available. My unique style allows me to be flexible in my artistic interpretation of your pet. I can combine features from different photos to create your one of a kind masterpiece!

For more information on my commissions, please go to the Commission Request page.  There you can find information about the materials I use, a price list, and availability. Prices include shipping within the United States.