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Rebecca Wang Art Gallery Portfolio

Welcome to the gallery of Rebecca Wang Art.  My entire portfolio is accessible below through these curated galleries.  The first section features original artwork, including paintings of cats, dogs, wild animals, and fantasy creatures, as well as my older psychedelic style artworks.  The second set of galleries features commissioned works, including pet portraits and label designs.

Please click on an image below to view that gallery. These galleries feature my artwork, and are curated according to the subject.  Many of the images in these galleries are available for purchase as a fine art print and more in my Online Store.

Pet Portraits Portfolio Gallery Dog Paintings Portfolio Gallery Cat Paintings Portfolio Gallery Wolves and Foxes Portfolio Gallery Wild Felines Portfolio Gallery Fantasy Creatures Psychedelic Artwork Portfolio Gallery Label Designs Private Commissions

In my first gallery, Pet Portraits, are featured my pet portrait commissioned artworks. These are mostly dogs and cats, but I have a few other animals there too!  I have been painting pet portraits since 2017, and this gallery includes all of them.  In the second gallery, Dog Paintings, are original acrylic paintings of various popular dog breeds. The third gallery has a collection of original Cat Paintings, which are also based on popular breeds and colors of cats.  The fourth section contains colorful artworks of various wild dogs including Wolves and Foxes. The Wild Felines section of my portfolio includes colorful paintings of animals such as lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, and other wild cats.

The Fantasy Creatures portfolio section features a selection of my artworks of mythological creatures such as dragons and phoenix birds. The next gallery has my popular Psychedelic Style artworks, including my Psychedelic Wolf, Paisley Peacock, and Psychedelic Chameleon.  The next gallery, Label Designs, has commissioned artwork that were used for commercial designs, for use as label art for products such as sodas and sauces.  The final gallery Private Commissions is a miscellaneous gallery for all my commissioned artworks that really don’t go anywhere else.  If you are really feeling adventurous, you can peruse my gallery of Older Artwork.