Commercial Use Commission and License Prices

Updated: July 20, 2020

Commercial Use Commissions

In addition to pet portraits, I also will create commissioned artwork for commercial use.  Examples of commercial use include the following: label design, logos, book covers, product designs, and other corporate and company usage. Commissioned designs for commercial use are original artworks created explicitly for commercial use, and are not already existing artworks. Typically, these artworks will come with an exclusive license use. Examples of some of my commercial designs can be seen here.

Estimates of pricing for these designs are below:

  • Book Cover Art: $375 and up per cover art
  • Designs for Labels for products (example: sauce labels): $750 and up per design
  • Corporate Logo Designs: $5000 and up per logo
  • Other commercial artwork please e-mail with details for a more accurate price.

Please note that I do not license out my already existing artwork for commercial use.