Colorful West Highland White Terrier Dog Blue Background

Colorful West Highland White Terrier Dog by Rebecca Wang


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A West Highland White Terrier Dog, also known as a Westie, painted with a bright and colorful palette. Acrylics on gessoed board, 11″ x 14″. Completed August 31, 2018. This is a modification of the original painting, which had a green background. As much as I like the green version, I like this one better since I feel like the blue complements and enhances the purples and blues in the dog’s fur, and really makes the dog pop.

Westies are medium sized terriers that originate in Scotland, and are white in color. They were bred to hunt rodents, and are related to the similar Cairn Terrier. This Westie is painted with blues and purples to represent the shadows in the fur texture, with some other colors such as yellow and pink to add depth. The background is blue.

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