Chinese Zodiac Animals

Colorful Chinese Zodiac Animals


This gallery contains my original series of Chinese Zodiac animals, drawn in my unique colorful style. Each animal is also accompanied by its Chinese character. The animals in this series (except the Dragon) will all be based on wild animals that are native to China and Asia. For example, the Year of the Ox will be represented by the Asian Water Buffalo, the Year of the Horse will be represented by Przewalski’s horse, and so on.  This makes my series unique from the other countless artistic renditions of the zodiac.

The Chinese Zodiac ( 生肖 or Shēngxiào in Mandarin) contains twelve animals, starting with the rat.  The year one is born is assigned an animal, with that particular animal imparting several characteristics such as personality, ideal partner, success and wealth.  It is a 12 year repeating cycle. Each animal also has a secondary element: fire, water, earth, metal and wood, which brings the cycle to 60 years.  In addition to the yearly animal sign, animals are also assigned to the months, days and hours.  This zodiac system is popular throughout Asia.  It is used in China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and throughout Southeast Asia.  Each country has a slight variation on the zodiac, with some substitutions for the animals.  Learn about each zodiac animal by clicking on the image above.