women's shirt
Colorful Animal Designs on Women’s Graphic T-Shirts
Are you looking for a unique t-shirt design? Look no further than my online store to fullfill your clothing needs! 
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Pint Glass
Drinking Glasses with Colorful Animal Designs
These drinking glasses are a unique take on a very ordinary and common piece of kitchenware.  They feature colorful artwork
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Color Theory Part 4: Color Relativity
Color relativity is how colors appear when they are with other colors.  How colors are perceived by us may be
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Otterbox Cases
Colorful Otterbox Cases For Your Phone
Give your phone the ultimate protection while being stylish with these unique and colorful Otterbox cases.  Available in dozens of
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Lion by Flo Art Studio
Featured Artist – Flo Art Studio
It is my pleasure to create a new series of blog articles highlighting other contemporary artists who I greatly admire.
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Color Theory Part 3: Color Harmony
Combinations of color are called Color Harmonies.  Also known as color schemes, they are a way of choosing colors in
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Gel Mousepads
Gel Mouse Pads Featuring Colorful Artwork
Add a splash of color to your desk in your office or home with these colorful gel mouse pads!   These
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Flexible Magnets with Colorful Designs for your Fridge
Dress up your fridge door with colorful magnets. I have my designs available on flexible magnets in my Zazzle Store.
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Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Rainbow Bird
Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Rainbow Bird Art Print
My painting Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Bird is available for purchase as a fine art print, canvas print, tote bag, home
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Color Theory Part 2: Color Psychology
This is part 2 of the series on color theory.  In this article, I will discuss color psychology.  Color psychology
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