Water Bottle
Colorful Metal Water Bottles to Keep Your Drink Cool
Quench your thirst in style with these sleek colorful water bottles featuring my original designs.  These customizable bottles are available
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How To Be Successful As An Artist
Being successful as an artist is challenging and takes a lot of dedication and perseverance.  Anyone who decides to become
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Colorful Luggage Tags So You Always Know Which Bag Is Yours
What better way to make sure your bag is easily spotted in the airport baggage claim than to use a
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6 of the Best Art Supply Websites Online
In this blog article I will list some of the best art supply companies online.  I have personally used almost
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Rainbow Cat Mousepad
Colorful Mouse Pads to Brighten your Workspace
Give your mouse something cool to look at with a mouse pad from Zazzle featuring my colorful original artwork!  They
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Colorful Brindle Boxer Laptop Sleeve
Colorful Laptop Sleeves to Protect Your Laptop with Style
Protect your laptop in style with these colorful and unique laptop sleeves! These neoprene sleeves comes in three sizes: 10
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Colorful Rainbow Owl coffee mug
Colorful Mugs for your Morning Coffee
Drink your morning latte or hot tea in a unique and colorful coffee mug! Zazzle has a fantastic selection of
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Psychedelic Art Influence in My Art Style
This is the first article of a series of art styles and subjects that influence and inspire my own artwork. 
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Healing Lotus Mandala stickers
Stickers with Colorful Animal Designs to Decorate With
These unique stickers are perfect for decorating or collecting.  Use them to liven up on notebooks, binders, and pencil boxes.
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Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Artist
In this article I will cover the pros and cons of being a freelance artist.  A freelance artist is one
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