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About Rebecca Wang

Rebecca Wang is a traditional artist who uses acrylics and pastels to create colorful and energetic animal paintings.

Wolf Aurora Colorful Fantasy Drawing

This artwork is titled “Wolf Aurora”, and features a colorful drawing of an ethereal wolf spirit emerging from the lights of the Aurora Borealis. The drawing was created with Koh-i-noor Gioconda pastel pencils on Strathmore Artagain black paper, and measures 9″ x 12″. The original drawing was created on June 23, 2006.  However, it was improperly stored, and much of the pastel had fallen off of the paper.  So I restored it on August 15, 2018 by going over it again with the same pastel pencils.  The original drawing is very sketchy and rough, and the end result is more refined and polished. Larger versions of this drawing can be seen in my portfolio: Newer Drawing and Original Drawing.

I had just gotten a set of these pastel pencils, and was experimenting with technique, and drew this colorful wolf portrait in blues, greens and violets on black paper. The colors reminded me of the Aurora Borealis. It was originally a quick sketch drawing that was done as a warm up, and to get used to how the pencils worked on the paper.  However, I really liked how it turned out. The very first version, which I do not have a scan of, was missing the eyes. I originalle left the eyes completely black to give it a more “spirit animal” feeling, but later decided that it would look better with eyes.  I had gone back to add the eyes and scan this artwork, so there is actually three versions of this drawing.

Wolf Aurora Old Drawing vs New Drawing

Wolf Aurora Old Drawing vs New Drawing

The reason that I restored it was that I was looking to add higher quality scans of my artwork in my print store, and was going back and rescanning old artworks at a higher DPI.  When I got to this one, I realized I could not scan it as it was, and worked on restoring it so I could scan it.  Since the original was done in 2006, which was 12 years prior, my art skills and style have changed significantly.  I tried to maintain the spirit of the original drawing, but I also ended up correcting some minor flaws, such as the mouth shape and details in the nose. The original scan also cropped out some of the background, so I was able to capture more of the background when I rescanned it, which is why the wolf looks bigger in the first one.  Which version do you prefer?

There is not really any deep meaning or inspiration for this drawing. I really like cool colors, and had just gotten this great black paper which worked very well with pastel pencils.  I loved drawing wolves, and wanted to do a cool colorful portrait of a wolf.  I drew the wolf first, then added the various abstract lines to the background, and the end result looked like a wolf spirit in the northern lights.  So I decided to call it Wolf Aurora.

Art Prints, Wall Art, and Other Products

This artwork is available in my online stores too purchase as a fine art print, other wall art options, home decor, clothing, and many other cool products.  Continue reading to learn what products are available with this design in my online stores.

Wolf Aurora Framed Artwork

Wolf Aurora Framed Artwork

Art Prints, Wall Art and Home Decor

You can purchase “Wolf Aurora” in my FineArtAmerica Art Print Store as a fine art print with many choices of size and material, as well as hundreds of options for framing. Choose from paper giclee prints, stretched canvas prints, and prints on metal, wood, and acrylic, as well as tapestries.  Each material comes in a variety of sizes, from 6″ x 8″ to 46″ x 60″.  They can even be cropped to standard sizes for easy framing.  For art prints, choose from eight different paper types and hundreds of options for framing.  Canvas prints come in glossy (recommended) or matte finish, with five different wrap choices, and even the option for framing. Metal prints are printed directly on a 1/16″ sheet of aluminum, and come ready to hang.  Acrylic prints are printed on the back of a 1/4″ sheet of clear high gloss acrylic, and your choice of two mounting options. Wood prints are created by printing the artwork on 3/4″ thick maple wood, and come with d-rings for hanging. Cloth tapestries come in three sizes and are printed on polyester microfiber, and are machine washable.

In this store, you can also choose from many other home decor products and other merchandise.  This artwork is available on cell phone cases, greeting cards, throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, tote bags, carry-all pouches, beach and bath towels, t-shirts, coffee mugs, yoga mats, face masks, spiral notebooks, and fleece blankets.  Most products come with multiple size options.

Wolf Aurora pillows

Wolf Aurora throw pillows

Clothing, Home Decor, and Gift Products

If you are looking for something a little different, visit my RedBubble Store. This store has many products not available in my other online store. It carries most of the same products as the previous store (tote bags, pillows, etc) and many more. There are over 40 unique apparel options for men, women and children, including shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, dresses, chiffon tops, leggings, mini skirts, and scarves. Die cut vinyl stickers are a popular favorite, and can be stuck on any surface. There are many options for electronics, including laptop sleeves and skins, iPad cases, iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy cases, and phone wallets. This store does have a selection of wall art, but fewer sizes are available, being limited to 3-4 sizes. But they do have art boards and posters. You can also purchase acrylic blocks, bath mats, wall clocks, coasters, comforters, floor pillows, drawstring bags, face masks in 3 sizes, pinback buttons, die-cut magnets, socks, travel mugs, water bottles, hardcover journals, jigsaw puzzles, and aprons.

Inner Strength Psychedelic Sri Yantra Mandala

This vibrant mandala titled “Inner Strength” was created on January 29, 2009.  It is drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore drawing paper, and measures 18″ x 18″.  It is present in the Psychedelic Gallery of my online portfolio. A larger version of the drawing can be seen on m webpage here: Inner Strength. It was hand drawn using a ruler, protractor, compass, and drawing instructions from this website – How To Draw a Sri Yantra. A psychedelic tiger’s face emerges from the Sri Yantra, a Hindu symbol of meditation and enlightenment.  Two layers of lotus petals in rainbow colors encircle the main mandala.

About the Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra, or Sri Chakra, features nine interlocking triangles with a central point called the “bindu”.  It is one of the most popular symbols of Sacred Geometry, and is used in the Shri Vidya school of Hinduism. It is said to be the “mother of all yantras”. The triangles represent the cosmos, as well as the human body. Another name for the sri yanta is the Navayoni Chakra, which refers to the nine triangles. The nine main triangles overlap to form 43 smaller triangles of various sizes, in five levels. The upwards facing triangles represent the masculine form, while the downward pointing triangles represent the feminine form. There are nine levels total, including the five triangle levels, the Bindu at the center, the inner and outer lotus rings, and the outer square with portals (missing from the drawing). Each of these levels has a special symbolic meaning and name. You can read more about this on the Wikipedia page about the Sri Yantra.

Inspiration for the Drawing

This Inner Strength mandala was created at a time when I was drawing lots of mandalas, mostly inspired by Asian and Celtic symbolism.  The Sri Yantra is considered one of the most difficult mandalas to draw by hand, and I wanted the challenge of creating it.  I chose a very large size of paper, since there are so many details.  I initially practiced on a smaller piece of paper before moving onto a larger size.  I wanted to make this mandala my own, so I put my own signature designs on it, including the psychedelic rainbow colors, paisley-like designs in the lotus petals, and the alternating colors.  The tiger’s face was chosen to make the yantra more dynamic, and the Ohm symbol was added as a symbol of enlightenment.  The only thing missing from this drawing was the “gate” on the outside, and that was because I ran out of room on the paper. That makes this Sri Yantra incomplete.

Inner Strength

Inner Strength

Where to Purchase Prints and Other Merch

This is one of my earliest designs, and is available for purchase as a print and on other products in my online stores. Please continue reading to learn more.

If you desire to have this artwork as a print to hang in your home or office, then please visit my FineArtAmerica store.  This Inner Strength design is available as many different types of art prints.  Choose from paper giclee prints, stretched canvas prints, and prints on acrylic, metal, and wood.  Each print has many sizes to choose from, from 8″ x 8″ to 48″ x 48″. For the paper prints, there are hundreds of options for framing and mat colors. The canvas prints have many options for wrap and even framing, and come ready to hang.  You can also choose other products from this store, such as cell phone cases, coffee mugs, wall tapestries, fleece blankets, beach towels, throw pillows, tote bags, t-shirts and much more.

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Chinese Azure Dragon Pastel Drawing

My pastel drawing “Chinese Azure Dragon” was completed on January 27, 2008.  It is drawn with Koh-i-Noor Gioconda soft pastel pencils on 12″ x 18″ Strathmore Artagain black paper. The drawing features a blue Chinese-style dragon swimming through spiraling mists with a starry background.  This drawing was created during a time when I had many dragon drawings.  I hope to create more Chinese Dragon drawings in the future. It is present in my Fantasy Drawings gallery in my Portfolio. A larger version of the drawing can be seen in my portfolio  here: Chinese Azure Dragon.

Here you can see a closeup view to take in the details. I mostly used a very limited color palette, about 4-5 pencils in the set. I applied many layers of color to get the desired effect.

Chinese Azure Dragon closeup view

Chinese Azure Dragon closeup view

Chinese Dragon Symbolism and History

This artwork is loosely based on the Azure dragon of Chinese mythology.  Known as the 青龍 (Qīnglóng), the Azure dragon, or blue dragon, is one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations. It represents the season of Spring, the East direction, and the element of wood.  It is also known as the Seiryu in Japan, Cheongnyong in Korea, and Thanh Long in Vietnam.  The Azure dragon appeared on the national flag of China during the Qing dynasty, from 1889-1912.

Chinese dragons in general are water spirits, and have control over rain, floods, and rivers. They are also an auspicious symbol of power and luck, and those born in the Year of the Dragon are said to be blessed with superior leadership abilities and are ambitious and energetic.  Historically the dragon is associated with the emperor of China.

Chinese dragons are highly symbolic, and incorporate the number 9 frequently. They are said to be an amalgam of nine other animals. They have the antlers of a deer, the face of a camel (or crocodile, depending on the source), neck of a snake, belly of a clam, scales of a carp fish, talons of an eagle, paws of a tiger, ears of a cow, and the eyes of a demon. There is a bump on the top of their head called a chimu which allows it to ascend to heaven.  They are said to have exactly 117 scales (9×13).  Most are depicted as having a pearl, which represents wisdom and the moon.  I did not include the pearl in this drawing, since I ran out of room on the paper!

Where to Buy Art Prints and Products

This unique artwork is available for purchase on many different products in my online stores, including wall art, home decor, stationery, office goods, and much more.  Please visit the stores below to see the full range of products.

Chinese Azure Dragon wall art

Chinese Azure Dragon wall art

Art Prints, Wall Art, and Home Decor

If you are looking for high quality wall art prints, then please visit my FineArtAmerica Art Print Store. There, you can select from many types and sizes of art print, including paper giclee prints, canvas prints, and prints on metal, acrylic and wood, as well as cloth tapestries.  There are hundreds of options for framing to choose from.  At this store you can also get the Chinese Azure Dragon design as a tote bag, cell phone case, throw pillow, fleece blanket, duvet cover, shower curtain, hand and bath towels, beach towel, greeting cards, zipper pouches, coffee mug, yoga mat, t-shirt, and face mask.

Chinese Azure Dragon Tote Bag

Chinese Azure Dragon Tote Bag

Gifts, Apparel, and Products

My RedBubble Store has many products not available in my other store.  This includes jigsaw puzzles, vinyl stickers, more apparel options, coasters, kids size face masks, magnets, laptop sleeves, acrylic block, postcards, bath mats, wall clocks, comforters, floor pillow, drawstring bag, pin back button, scarf, socks, travel mug, water bottle, hardcover journal, and aprons.  They also have a good selection of wall art options, as well as other typical home decor items such as tote bags and throw pillows.

Cute Rainbow Dog Pet Portrait

Completed on August 22, 2020, was this cute portrait of an adorable mixed breed dog named Churro in bright rainbow colors. It was painted with acrylics on an 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. Churro is a mixed breed dog, most likely a poodle and terrier cross.  He has really wild ears, and it was great fun creating them on canvas! A larger version of this painting can be seen on this webpage here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Churro.

Churro photo vs painting rainbow dog

Churro photo vs painting

Above you can see the comparison of the reference photo with the painting.  I used two references for this painting.  This was the main one for the ears and body, and I used a different one for his face, which was facing forward.  He is overall a light tan color with darker areas around his muzzle and on his ears.  The lighter areas were created using an under-painting of a light beige color, and then layers of other pastel tinted colors on top.  The ears were given a base of medium blue, with other colors layered on top.  The different colors and layers give the dog depth and gives the fur texture.

The bright burst of rainbow colors in the background was intentionally chosen to make the dog pop from the background, using complementary colors and contrast of light and dark.  The lightest colors, such as yellow and orange, are around his ears, which are a dark color.  The darkest colors are near his body, which is light colored. Extra brush strokes of varying color were added to the background to make it interesting.

Above are close up views of the painting, showing the details and colors used.  From a distance, the colors kind of blend together and make the dog look overall a beige color.  But on closeup view, the various colors and brush strokes can be seen.  I used full spectrum and full saturation rainbow colors in the painting of this dog.  It is both subtle and bright at the same time.

If you like this painting and want one of your own dog or cat, please visit my Pet Portrait Information Page for prices and sizes. These are all created with acrylic paints on stretched canvas in your choice of sizes.

This artwork is also available in my Online Store as a fine art print, tote bag, cell phone case, throw pillow, t-shirt, fleece blanket, and much more.

Chinese Phoenix and Dragon Mandala

This artwork, titled “Phoenix and Dragon”, was created on September 12, 2007.  It was created with pastel pencils on a sheet of 30″ x 40″ black paper.  It is the largest drawing I have done to date. A larger image can be seen in my portfolio here: Phoenix and Dragon

In this drawing, a silver Chinese Dragon creates a fiery Phoenix Bird from his flames as they fly around a sun mandala among clouds and fire.  In Chinese mythological literature, the dragon represents the Yang, or masculine, and the phoenix represents the Yin, or feminine.  They complement one another and create balance in the universe. When together, they are symbols of marital happiness and harmony.

Phoenix and Dragon

Phoenix and Dragon

This was created when I was really into mandalas, hence the incorporation of the sun mandala in the background.  The dragon and phoenix represent yin and yang, fire and ice, silver and gold.  The dragon itself was based off of Chinese dragons, but drawn in my own style. However, Chinese dragons do not breathe fire, as they are actually associated with water.  The phoenix in the drawing is more in the Western style, rather than the Chinese fenghuang, which is typically more peacock-like in shape and with rainbow colors.  So this drawing can also represent East and West, with the Western Phoenix on the left (west) and Eastern Dragon on the right (east).  The sun mandala in the background also doubles as a compass rose, with the main points (north, south, east, and west) as the larger “flames” of the mandala points.  There are a lot of layers of symbolism in this drawing, and it is open to the interpretation of the viewer.

Above you can see close up views of this drawing.  You can appreciate the metallic sheen of the dragon’s scales, the many colors in the flames, and the details in the sun mandala.

This artwork is currently available in my online stores as an art print and more.  Please read below for more information.

The best place to purchase as an art print is my store.  Here, you can choose from many print options, including giclee paper prints, posters, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood and tapestries.  There are hundreds of options for framing and mat colors, and also many sizes to choose from.  You can also get other products such as tote bags, throw pillows, blankets, and coffee mugs.

In my RedBubble Store, this artwork can be purchased on many apparel options, and as a sticker, prints, home decor, and cool gift ideas.

Animal Holidays – National and International Days

I keep a handy list on my computer calendar, which lists all the animal social media “holidays”, such as national days, international days, world days, awareness days, and appreciation days.  I thought I would share it with you.  This list can be used for any year, as most days are set.  Some are listed as a particular day of the week (World Pangolin Day, for example, is the third Saturday of February).  I have not found a website yet that has all of the animal days listed in one place, so I compiled a list combining all of them in one place. This list includes wildlife and endangered species, as well as pets like cats and dogs.

The animal holidays are divided into sections by month.  I do not have animal weeks or animal months listed here; I may add them in the future. Each animal holiday has a link to a website with more information about the day and the animal, if one exists. If I am missing any, please Contact Me and let me know!





  • National Ferret Day – April 2
  • World Aquatic Animal Day – April 3
  • World Rat Day – April 4
  • International Beaver Day – April 7
  • National Pet Day – April 11
  • National Dolphin Day – April 14
  • International Bat Appreciation Day – April 17
  • Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day – April 17
  • World Penguin Day – April 25
  • World Tapir Day – April 27
  • International Hyena Day – April 27






  • Ginger Cat Appreciation Day – September 1
  • National Wildlife Day – September 4
  • National Hummingbird Day – First Saturday in September
  • World Vulture Day – September 5
  • National Iguana Awareness Day – September 8
  • International Red Panda Day – Third Saturday of September
  • National Fox Day – September 17
  • World Rhino Day – September 22
  • World Gorilla Day – September 24
  • World Cassowary Day – September 26
  • International Rabbit Day – Fourth Saturday or Sunday in September


  • National Black Dog Day – October 1
  • World Farm Animal Day – October 2
  • World Animal Day – October 4
  • World Badger Day – October 6, 2020
  • National Salmon Day – October 8
  • World Okapi Day – October 18
  • International Sloth Day – October 20
  • National Reptile Awareness Day – October 21
  • International Wombat Day – October 22
  • International Snow Leopard Day – October 23
  • Freshwater Dolphin Day – October 24
  • International Gibbon Day – October 24
  • National Mule Day – October 26
  • World Lemur Day – Last Friday of October


  • National Bison Day – November 7
  • National Black Cat Day – November 17
  • International Jaguar Day – November 29


  • International Cheetah Day – December 4
  • World Wildlife Conservation Day – December 4
  • National Day of Animal Rights – December 10
  • National Day of the Horse – December 13

Sources for Animal Holidays:

Psychedelic Rainbow Black Cat Pet Portrait Painting

My latest pet portrait is of a long haired black cat named Felix. This painting was completed on August 5, 2020.  It was created with acrylic paints on a 12″ x 16″ stretched canvas. The reference photo features a long haired black cat laying down in the sun on the carpet in front of a couch. I sought to replicate the dramatic back lighting while still striving to make it as colorful as possible, and used a palette of full saturation rainbow colors for this cat portrait. A larger version of this drawing can be seen in my portfolio here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Felix.

felix photo and painting

Felix rainbow cat photo and painting comparison

Above you can see the reference photo, on the left, compared to the painting, on the right. Most long haired cats are a lighter color on the areas that have the longest fur, usually the neck, chest, belly, and rear end. This is more pronounced on long haired black cats, who can also develop “bronzing” on their longer fur, creating a brownish tint. You can see in the photo reference that Felix has lighter fur in his neck ruff and belly, and so I sought to represent that in the painting by using lighter colors and a warmer color palette.  The darker black areas of his face and arms are painted with a palette of mostly cool colors, such as purple, blue, and some green, with a bit of magenta. Though the carpet is white, I decided to use yellows, oranges and greens for the carpet in the painting.  This provides some contrast with the colors used in his portrait.

Above are some close up views of the painting, showing the details and bright colors that I used.  Click on each one to see a larger version. I use Liquitex Basics and Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paints. I work in layers, which means I “block in” areas of color and then layer details on top.  The base colors I used on the face, for example, are Dioxazine Purple for the darker areas, and Light Blue Permanent for the light areas.  Then I add various shades of blues, purples, and greens on top of that, including some Fluorescent Pink to make the colors pop. This results in a really dynamic rainbow cat painting!

If you really like this painting of Felix, and would like to commission one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portraits page to learn more.

This image is available for purchase as a fine art print and other products for sale in my online stores. Visit my Pixels Store for high quality art prints and other home decor products. Also check out my RedBubble Store for additional products such as stickers and jigsaw puzzles!


Mockup in the header provided by Mucahit Gayiran on

Colorful Pet Portrait Gray and White Cat Painting

Completed on July 2, 2020, is a colorful pet portrait of a grey and white cat named Scooter. It is an acrylic painting on a 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas. The grey areas of the cat were created with mostly cool colors, like various shades of purple and blue. I also included a few brushstrokes of magenta, teal and mint green to keep it interesting.  Since grey is much lighter than black, I needed to make sure the colors were light enough to represent grey, and not too dark to be mistaken for black.  The white areas are represented with very light blue, light lavender, pale magenta, some mint green, and pale yellow for the shadows in the fur.  The background is a rainbow gradient with many brush strokes of adjacent colors. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Scooter.

Scooter Pet Portrait Painting vs Photo

Scooter Pet Portrait Painting vs Photo

Here you can see a comparison of the painting with the photo reference.  I used a different photo of this cat as a reference for the eyes, where the cat was looking up a bit with her eyes more open. Overall it is very close to the photo in composition. She is laying on a couch, and I represented that with various shades of green, blue and purple tones over a grey base layer.

Scooter closeup

Scooter closeup

Above you can see a close up view of the cat painting.  You can see the brush strokes, details, and get a good view of the colors used.  You can also see the texture of the canvas.  It is unavoidable in lighter colored areas of paintings to have the canvas texture show through.  However, it really proves that this is a real painting on canvas.

If you like this painting of Scooter and want one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portraits Commission page to learn about my process and see a list of prices and sizes.

This cat painting is also available in my online print stores as a fine art print and other home decor and gift products.  In my Pixels print store, you can purchase this artwork as a print on paper, canvas, metal, acrylic and wood, as well as a tapestry.  There are hundreds of options for framing.  You can also get tote bags, cell phone cases, fleece blankets, coffee mugs, throw pillows, shower curtains, beach towels, and more.

In my RedBubble store, this cat painting is available on many unique art products, such as jigsaw puzzles, clothing, vinyl stickers, magnets, coasters, acrylic blocks, comforters, clocks, face masks, and cooking aprons.


Psychedelizard – Psychedelic Rainbow Chameleon Art

This artwork, titled “Psychedelizard”, features a psychedelic rainbow panther chameleon, and was probably my very first psychedelic animal drawing.  It was drawn on August 31, 2007 with Prismacolor markers and colored pencils on Strathmore drawing paper.

Inspiration for the Drawing

This drawing was inspired by many things.  Many years before, in 1994, I saw an advertisement in National Geographic that featured a chameleon.  I thought it was really cool, and I cut it out and kept it.  I was inspired even then to create a drawing like that. But it would be many years before I felt comfortable enough to tackle it.  As you can see my artwork is really nothing like the photograph, but the photo did give me inspiration to draw a chameleon among brightly colored leaves.  Those leaves morphed into the spirals and abstract shapes that ended up in the background of the final drawing. Chameleons are already kind of psychedelic in their own right, and it was only natural that I make a drawing of one. Unfortunately I do not have this photo anymore, I can’t seem to find where I put it.  I was only able to find one copy of it on Pinterest.

My Own Chameleon – Curly

My own pet inspired me to do this drawing too. I had a male veiled chameleon named Curly that i acquired in 2006.  He was a rescue from the vet clinic where I worked at the time. The previous owner did not take care of him properly, and as a result he suffered from metabolic bone disease.  Basically, this disease is caused when they do not get enough calcium in their diet, and also do not receive a UV light, which is required so they can make enough Vitamin D in their skin.  Without this, their bones cannot form properly, and become rubbery and soft, and they develop seizures.  He was in really bad shape, and with the vet’s round the clock care, he did recover.

Chameleon Curly

Curly the Veiled Chameleon

Even though I never had a chameleon before, I always loved them, and so I adopted him.  He was very sweet and a great pet.  Chameleons have a tendency to be aggressive, but he was not.  They are very high maintenance animals, requiring both high humidity and good ventilation, a constant source of running water, and a high protein diet. They also require a UV light and heat lamp.  I had him for about a year when he became sick.  He developed kidney failure, which was a result of his previous metabolic bone disease.  Most reptiles never really recover from it, and unfortunately even with supportive care, he passed away.

Two Versions

There are two versions of this drawing that I tend to use online.  The original version of the drawing features the odd shaped design that can be seen to the left.  The cropped version is a cut down version of the drawing in the shape of a square, with some missing details filled in.  The square version is the one that I most commonly use for products such as art prints and tote bags.  The original version I still use for t-shirts and stickers. Larger versions of both of these drawings can be seen in my portfolio: Psychedelizard (original) and Psychedelizard (square).

Psychedelizard drawing vs cropped

Psychedelizard drawing vs cropped

I still have the original drawing in my portfolio. I have high resolution scans of this drawing that I offer as fine art prints and more in my online stores.  Read about the different products below.

FineArtAmerica – Art Prints and Home Decor

Psychedelizard Canvas Art Print

Psychedelizard Canvas Art Print

My online gallery store on FineArtAmerica/ is my primary store for giclee fine art prints of my artwork.  They have the most options for print sizes of any of my online store. This particular artwork can be purchased in eleven different square sizes (1:1 ratio), ranging from 8″ x 8″ to 48″ x 48″.  If so desired, you can also purchase a vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) crop of the artwork in standard sizes.  The paper print option has lots of choices for paper types, and hundreds of options for frames and mats.  It can also be purchased as a stretched canvas art print, with lots of sizes and wrap styles.  Other print options include metal, acrylic, wood, and as a a tapestry.

The FineArtAmerica store also has lots of standard home decor items, such as throw pillows, fleece blankets, duvet covers, shower curtains, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, and coffee mugs.  They also have all over print polyester tote bags, zipper pouches, cell phone cases, and greeting cards, and spiral notebooks.  They have a limited number of clothing options, including t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and ever popular face masks.

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Psychedelizard shirts redbubble

Psychedelizard shirts Redbubble

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Zazzle Store – Unique Gift Ideas

My Zazzle store has unique products that are found nowhere else online. They have really awesome kitchen decor products such as magnets, keychains, drinking glasses, shot glasses, tea towels, and many coffee mug options. They also have a great selection of stationery, including full size spiral notebooks, weekly planners, stickers, and glass paperweights. They also have ornaments, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, and door mats.

Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala Drawing

Originally titled “Epiphany”, now titled “Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala”, this drawing was one of my earliest psychedelic artworks. It was completed on March 31, 2007, and was created with Prismacolor colored pencils on drawing paper. A larger version of this drawing can be seen in my portfolio gallery – Epiphany.

Celtic Mandala and Triskelion Symbolism

It was heavily influenced by sacred geometry and ancient Celtic artwork designs and symbolism. It is a complicated and many layered geometric mandala based on the Celtic triskele (or triskelion). A triskelion is an abstract figure consisting of three spirals that have radial symmetry.

The central figure of this drawing is a triskele of three groups of four fish, with blue, green, yellow and red coloration, overlaid on abstract spiral designs. There is a triquetra or Trinity Knot in the very middle between the fish tails. An inner border consists of three Chinese dragons overlaid on a golden abstract design with spirals. An outer border consists of a ring of rainbow colored Celtic waves. Outside of the wave border is a light yellow circle with sun rays reaching out.  Encircling that is a golden colored belt which is just out of the drawing, with more waves and spirals, on top of multicolored psychedelic dragon scales.  Many layers, very complicated.

Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala closeup

Psychedelic Dragons Rainbow Mandala closeup

The Myth of The Koi Fish and the Waterfall

Although while I was drawing this it was just to create a cool design with dragons and rainbows, the mandala itself can be said to be loosely based on the Chinese myth about the koi fish who swim up a waterfall and turn into dragons. The story goes that a group of koi fish were swimming in the Yellow River in China, going upstream against the current. When they reached the waterfall at the end of the river, they encountered a waterfall, and many of the koi fish turned back. A few koi fish remained, and they leaped and swam hard against the waterfall, trying to reach the top. One day, after a hundred years of swimming and leaping, one koi fish managed to make it to the top of the waterfall. To reward the koi fish for his perseverance, the gods transformed him into a dragon.

This drawing was created at a period of time that I was fascinated by Celtic artwork and mandalas.  I created several psychedelic mandalas during this time period.  I really love the symbolism involved, and the sense of peace and meditation while creating these fascinating geometric forms. I wish I had created more.  The reason I stopped is because I honestly had trouble coming up with unique and original ideas.  I didn’t want to seem like I was just copying other people’s work.

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