Hiro the Tricolor Australian Shepherd Dog Portrait Painting

This lively and colorful pet portrait is of a tricolor Australian Shepherd dog named Hiro. The portrait was painted with acrylics on a 12″ x 16″ stretched canvas, and completed July 5, 2023. The customer selected colorful realism on a rainbow confetti background, so the painting features bright rainbow colors. The original artwork is hanging on the owners wall as a cherished memorial, but art prints of this unique painting are available on my print store on RebeccaWangArt.com

Hiro is a color variety of Australian Shepherd dog called a black tricolor. He is black, tan, and white. I used various shades of blue and purple with some teal for highlights and hot pink for shadows on the black areas of his fur. For the tan areas, I used yellow, orange, red, and magenta. The white areas were left mostly white but I used blues and purples for the shadows in the fur. The eyes were left their natural color of brown. The background is a rainbow gradient, starting with red at the top and ending with magenta at the bottom, with various colored brushstrokes over top it to create an interesting and dynamic background. The darker colors of his fur along the edges contrasts nicely with the lighter colors of the background, avoiding the problem of him melting into the background, which can be an issue with using the entire spectrum of colors for both the subject and the background.


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