Psychedelic Rainbow Chill Capybara

My latest psychedelic animal painting titled “Chill Capybara” features an adorable capybara in bright rainbow colors on a tie-dye inspired trippy background. Original painting is acrylics on a 11″ x 14″ wood panel and was finished on July 21, 2022. This trippy style matches their personality, which is extremely laid back and mellow. They are the world’s largest rodent species, which is probably why they are so chill, since they don’t have much to worry about besides jaguars (and people). You can see a larger version of this painting in my portfolio. This is the third in a series of South American wildlife species that I have painted, with the other two being the Three-Toed Sloth and the Jaguar. I have plants to paint other iconic South American mammals, including the giant anteater, ocelot, and llama.

Chill Capybara
Chill Capybara

I painted this capybara in a style very similar to my Psychedelic Sloth painting, and the background was inspired by my Psychedelic Panda painting.The main reference photos used were by Karoly Lorentey on Flicker, and my own reference photos taken at zoos. As with most paintings, I started with the background first. I made a diagonal rainbow gradient, starting at yellow in the upper right corner, and going through the spectrum to blue in the lower left corner. I then added diagonal lines that were perpendicular to the gradient, which gives a kind of rainfall effect. The capybara was painted with colors that are mostly complementary to the background colors in the areas where they meet along the edges. This makes the animal “pop” out of the background instead of blending in. I originally was going to add water lilies and lily pads to the artwork in the foreground and have him standing in shallow water, but scrapped that idea since I was not sure it would look right. I also wanted to keep the animal’s feet clear so I could cut it out and use it as a sticker design, so that would interfere with that plan. If I had to do it over again I might have made the background a little less busy.

Information about the Capybara

The capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) is the largest rodent species in the world, weighing up to 150 lb, and are around 2 feet tall at the shoulder and 4 feet long from nose to rump. They do not have a tail. They are found throughout South America with the exception of Chile. Capybaras live near water, such as near lakes, rivers, and swamps, and spend much of their time in the water. Their closest relatives are Guinea pigs, cavies, and maras. They are very social, and live in large groups. They feed mostly on grasses, water plants, and fruits. Just like Guinea pigs, capybaras are one of the few mammals that are unable to make their own Vitamin C, so they need to get it from their diet. There is a large scent gland on their nose called a morrillo. You can read more information about this animal on their Wikipedia page.

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