Psychedelic Rainbow Cute Red Fox Painting

I am having a short break in my pet portrait commissions, so for now, I am getting caught up with some original paintings! This is the full body red fox, a design that has been on my list for a few years. The cute fox is painted with bright colors on a psychedelic rainbow abstract background. It was painted with acrylic paints on a 12″ x 16″ wood panel, and finished on July 14, 2022. Although I already have done a fox painting, from several years ago, I wanted to do another one in my latest style. I also wanted to do a full body painting rather than just focusing on the head like a portrait. You can view a larger version of this painting in my Portfolio here.

I eventually want to paint every possible animal species (at least common and popular species, as well as some more unique ones!) that I can find reference photos for, and I will also end up painting some species more than once. I especially want to concentrate on the wild carnivore species. For wild canines (Canidae) alone, there are about 34 species, and I will not be able to paint all of them but I plan to paint as may as I can. I have only painted three species so far: red fox, arctic fox, and gray wolf. On my list of species from this group include the African wild dog, coyote, gray fox, dhole, black backed jackal, red wolf, maned wolf, fennec fox, raccoon dog, Ethiopian wolf, and bat eared fox. The African wild dog will be the next wild canid species that I will paint.

Rainbow Red Fox painting
Rainbow Red Fox painting

For this painting, I chose a simple background style. It has a rainbow gradient, with teal-green at the top, going all the way down to yellow at the bottom. The style is done in a blotchy painterly effect, rather than a smooth gradient, to make the background look more interesting and have some texture. The background gives a nice contrast to the fox, with the orange of the body contrasting with the blue, and the blue/purple of the legs contrasting with the orange/yellow at the bottom. For the fox, I chose mostly a natural color scheme and style, but added bright pops of blue, green, purple, and hot pink throughout. Orange and red are the dominant colors, with the other colors layered on top.

Red Fox image by Joanne Redwood on Wikimedia ( . This image was used as primary reference for the artwork.

About the Red Fox

The red fox is an interesting animal, and it is popular for a good reason. With their vibrant orange fur, bushy tails, and inquisitive personalities, red foxes are charming creatures. They are a very popular subject for a variety of artworks, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and illustrations. They are a common character in movies, tv shows and cartoons. They feature prominently in literature, especially as children’s storybook characters. Let’s take a look at the real life animal.

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes), is the largest fox species in the world. They are a type of of known as a “true fox”, which means they are in the genus Vulpes with 11 other living species, including the arctic fox and fennec. Other non-Vulpes species that are colloquially called “foxes” are more closely related to other canine species than to Vulpes, and include the genera of Lycalopex (South American foxes), Urocyon (Gray Foxes), Otocyon (bat-eared fox), and Cerdocyon (Crab eating fox). The red fox is very widespread, and is native throughout the northern hemisphere, including North America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. They are invasive in Australia, where they are not a native species. They can have many different coat colors, which include red, cross, silver, and platinum. They tend to be larger and more vibrantly colored in the northern parts of their range, and smaller and more dully colored in the southern and desert areas of their range. You can learn more about red foxes on their Wikipedia page.

red fox sticker
Red Fox Sticker

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