Colorful Orange and White Cat Portrait Painting

This unique painting features a colorful pet portrait of a bicolor orange and white cat named Hyler with bright rainbow colors on a dark blue background. It is painted with acrylic paints on an 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas, and completed on April 15, 2021. After a long period of time with mostly dogs, it is nice to get to paint a cat once more! You can view a larger version of this painting in my Pet Portraits Portfolio gallery.

Hyler is a domestic shorthair cat, and his coloration is what is known as a bicolor, or piebald, orange and white, which basically just means he has two colors, one of which is white. It is also known as orange tabby and white. The interesting thing about bicolor cats is that they have such an amazing amount if variation in their fur patterns! Please read this article on MessyBeast to learn more about the amazing variation of bicolor cats. Hyler’s particular markings are colloquially called “cap and saddle”, which is when a cat is more than 60% white, with the colored portion concentrated to the top of the head and ears, and along the back and tail. Just an interesting tidbit of information!

Hyler’s portrait was created with lots of vibrant colors. You can see some closeups of the details and colors by clicking the thumbnails above. The background is a smooth gradient of cobalt blue, medium blue, teal, and turquoise. The owner chose blue as the background to contrast with the orange and white of his fur color. I choose to keep it as a smooth gradient so the subject stands out from the background. The eyes were left the natural color of amber yellow, with dark purple for the eye rim and pupil, and the smallest touch of pure black to deepen the shadows. The ears, nose, lips, and the pink area around the eyes was created using lots of different pink paints mixed with white. The orange areas of the fur were painted with many different layers of color, primarily orange, but also including yellow, magenta, hot pink, light purple, and even little bits of blue. The shading in the white areas was created with mostly cool colors like purple and blue, with some teal, green, pink, and magenta. Using bright colors rather than gray tones to create the shadows in the white fur creates vibrancy and makes the subject stand out more. Little details like the fine hairs around the border of the cat and the whiskers add a nice finishing touch. I also paint a slight halo of light blue around the outside edge to soften the edges and make it look less harsh against the dark background.

If you enjoy this colorful painting of this kitty cat, and want one of your own pet, please stop by my Pet Portraits page to learn more about pricing and sizes available.

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