Colorful Portrait of Pomeranian Named Sunshine

This latest painting is a colorful pet portrait of a cute Pomeranian dog named Sunshine, in bright rainbow colors! It is an acrylic painting on an 8″ x 8″ stretched canvas, finished on April 5, 2021. A larger version of the image can be seen in the Pet Portraits portfolio in my gallery. It was a lot of fun to paint this cutie! As with many of my portrait paintings, this one was a gift for a family member of a beloved family pet. I am able to work with almost any photo, especially considering most memorial portraits are painted of pets who are no longer with us, and all we have are a few snapshots. Because of my unique style, I am able to capture the pet and work with what I am given. That was the case for this portrait, where the person commissioning the portrait had only a few photos of the pet and was unable to get any more.

Above you can see some close up views of the painting to see the fur details and some of the colors used.

About The Painting Process

This adorable pom was a joy to paint! I love his expressive face and sweet expression. I do not typically get the chance to work with square canvas, and I think it was a good choice for this subject. The size was easy to work with and I was able to get a reasonable amount of fur detail in the painting with my #12 round taper brush, which is perfect for long haired animals. The eyes were left their natural color of dark brown, with some highlights to give them life. The background was painted in a lovely gradient of cobalt blue, brilliant blue, and aqua green, which made a nice contrast to the light oranges and yellows of the subject. The orange areas were painted with many layers of orange, light yellow, magenta, and fluorescent pink. I also added some fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow highlights which are not able to be seen here in this scan. Fluorescent orange is one of those colors that just does not translate well digitally; so this means the real painting is much more vibrant in person than you can see on your computer of phone screen!  The white areas of the dog were painted with many layers of all kinds of different colors that were mixed with white. I painted a bit of light blue and light green all around the outer edge of the dog to soften the boundaries.

Commission Your Own Portrait

If you enjoyed the painting of Sunshine and you want one of your own pet, then please visit my Pet Portraits page to get more information on pricing and sizes of canvas available. My turnaround time for a portrait of this size is about 1-2 weeks, but I usually have a waiting list about 2-3 months out. You can also see more examples of my work in my Portfolio.

Fine Art Prints and More

This artwork is also available in my online stores as a print and other merchandise. Although the owner will get the original painting, they also have the opportunity to purchase other products with their pet’s painting on it, such as cell phone cases and tote bags, if they so desire. My pet portrait customers love that I can offer this service to them! Allowing me to sell prints of the artwork also helps to keep my prices lower and more affordable. Please read the paragraphs below for more information about what is available in each store.

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