Portrait of Kujo the Particolor Poodle

This is the second of two paintings for the same owner. This is a colorful pet portrait of a particolor miniature poodle named Kujo in vibrant rainbow colors. It was created with acrylic paints on a 20″ x 20″ stretched canvas, completed March 26, 2021. You can see a larger view of the image in my Portfolio. This is the third time I have done a painting on a square canvas, and I think it fits the subject very well. This is the same Kujo poodle from this painting that I created just a few weeks earlier. The owner of the dogs wanted one painting with both dogs, and one painting with just Kujo by himself. Doing this large closeup of Kujo really allowed me to show off his curly fur and eye details that were not as easy to do in the other painting due to the relatively smaller space that he took up n the canvas. I used my large #12 round brush with a taper tip to get all that fur detail.

As with the other painting, the eye color was left natural (dark brown) while the rest of the painting is vibrant and rainbowy. I do this because having the eye color natural really adds to the personality of the dog, and since I put the most detail there I want it to look like the real dog’s eyes.  In fact, I always start my paintings with the eyes first before anything else, besides the background. Even though my paintings tend to be very saturated with rainbow colors, I think having the natural eye color allows the owner to connect with the pet in the painting. You can see close up views of the eyes and the fur details in the pictures below.

The background in this painting is my “rainbow confetti” style. It starts with a gradient of rainbow colors, then square shaped paint swatches of different colors are layers on top with my flat brush. The fur color was created in a similar way as the previous painting. For the black areas of the particolor poodle, I used dark purple and medium blue, then added layers of other colors like teal, green, light blue, magenta, hot pink, light purple, and yellow. The white areas were created by painting a base layer of blue-violet mixed with white, and then the white curls were painted on top. This makes the highlights and shadows pop, and adds depth and a three dimensional appearance to the fur texture. I think starting with a mid tone base, and adding highlights and shadows to it in layers results in a better outcome, rather than starting with pure white and adding shadows.

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