Two Colorful Poodles Portrait Painting

This painting that I finished on March 10, 2021 features a colorful pet portrait of two poodles: a miniature parti-poodle named Kujo (on the left) and a black standard poodle named Ringo (on the right), in vibrant colors. The painting is done with acrylic paints on a 24″ x 30″ stretched canvas. A larger view of this painting can be seen in my Portfolio. This is the second largest pet portrait painting I have done so far, and the size really worked for the subject. I love working on large format canvases, since I can use larger brushes and bigger brush strokes and get the level of detail that I like. This painting was created exactly from one photo, provided by the owner, of the two dogs laying on a hardwood floor. The bigger dog, Ringo, has a purple ball toy in between his front paws. The only major changes made to the painting from the photo is the teal-green background. You can see the comparison to the reference photo below.

Kujo and Ringo comparison of photo and painting

Kujo and Ringo comparison of photo and painting

There were a few other minor changes made for artistic reasons. The first is, of course, the vibrant colors. The second is the change in the light source. In the photo, it is coming from a window to the left of the poodles, and I changed it to be coming from the right side. Another change is removing some of the hair from Ringo’s forehead so we can see his eyes better. I used another reference photo of him to get that detail.

As for the colors, the wood floor and the poodles’ eye colors were left natural, while the rest of the painting is more vibrant. I chose a mostly cool color palette for the dogs’ fur color, and layered on many other colors. For the black areas of Ringo’s and Kujo’s fur, I started with a base color of medium blue with dark purple for the shadows and then layered on hot pink, magenta, yellow, teal, light blue, and green to make the curls have depth. I also sparingly added some pure black to make the shadows pop. This is more obvious in the actual painting than in this scan. For the white areas of Kujo’s fur was started with a base layer of diluted blue-purple, with layers of white added on top to create depth and highlights for the curls.  As I was painting this, I was developing my techniques for the curls in the poodles’ fur. Painting curly fur (or hair) can be very challenging, but the best technique is to see it not as hair or fur, but as shapes, and try to replicate those shapes on the canvas. Curly fur can be seen as little cloud-like clumps with dark shadows in between. If you click on the pictures below, you can see some close up views of the details in the painting.

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