Vibrant Painting of Silken Windhound Dog

This unique colorful pet portrait is of a silken windhound named “Pie”. It was painted with acrylics on an 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas, and was completed on February 4, 2021. The dog’s coloration is black and white piebald, and so I chose a mostly cool color palette to do her portrait. The colors used are purple, blue, teal, magenta, hot pink, and white, with natural brown colored eyes. The background is a gradient of teal, blue, and purple. It was a pleasure to create this portrait, as this is the first time I have painted a portrait of a sighthound. This breed is not a common subject in paintings. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my Portfolio Gallery.

This portrait was challenging to create, as the pet was deceased and the owner had very few photos of the dog. The photos they did have were cell phone snapshots, and were mostly blurry, dark, and taken from far away so there was very little detail.  However, since this is a purebreed dog, I was able to find similar dogs to use to fill in the details.  I was also fortunate that there were some photos of the dog clearly showing her markings, so I was able to get those as accurate as possible. Creating pet portraits from old photos or ones taken by a cell phone can be very challenging, but luckily my portrait style is looser and I am usually able to adapt the likeness of the pet on the canvas.

About the Breed

The silken windhound is a fairly new breed of sighthound, having been established in the mid 1980s in the United States. They are considered to be a rare breed, and are not commonly seen. They are not currently recognized by the AKC, but they are accepted in the United Kennel Club. They are medium sized sighthounds, and resemble a miniature version of a borzoi. They are friendly, intelligent, and sweet dogs, and love to run courses. You can find more information about this gorgeous breed on the Wikipedia page.

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Pie Framed Art Print

Pie Framed Art Print

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