Vibrant Painting of Tricolor Australian Shepherd Dog

A colorful pet portrait of a black tricolor Australian Shepherd dog named Shane. The painting was created with acrylic paints on a 12″ x 16″ stretched canvas, and completed on January 28, 2021. This unique portrait features a sunset color palette, with vibrant blue, purple, magenta, red, and orange colors. A larger version of this artwork can be seen in my Portfolio Gallery.

This portrait was created in my distinct colorful realism style. For this style, I retain the original coloration and markings of the dog, and replace them with colorful analogues. For instance, black colored fur is represented by blues and purples. This dog is a black tricolor Australian shepherd, which means that the main colors of the dog are black, tan, and white. The black areas are painted using dark purple, dark and medium blue, and with light blue as highlights, with a few splashes of green and magenta to add depth and make it interesting.  The tan areas are painted with orange, yellow, fluorescent pink, and magenta, with some fluorescent orange and yellow here and there.  The fluorescent colors do not scan or photograph very well, especially the orange. As as result, this painting is actually more vibrant in real life.

In the images above, you can see closeup views of different areas of the painting, so you can see the detail and colors used.

The owner requested a dark blue-purple-red gradient background for this portrait. I have not done that color combination for a background for a pet portrait before, although I have used it a couple of times for personal artwork. I was not sure if it would look right, since the dog is mostly black.  I decided to lighten the highlights so that the dog stood out from the background. I think it turned out very well, and it can still be distinguished that the dog is actually black.

About the Breed – Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian shepherd dogs, despite their name, are a herding breed that originated in the United States. The breed was developed from the similar border collie and other herding collie breeds. They can be distinguished from the related border collie dog breed by their heavier-set build, slightly larger size, ears which normally lay down rather than pricked, and commonly bobbed or docked tail. They come in a variety of colors, including tricolor black, tricolor red, bicolor, blue merle, and red merle. They can also have a variety of eye colors, including amber, green, brown, and blue, and even heterochromia (multiple colored eyes). They are energetic and intelligent dogs, and are a versatile breed.

If you like this painting and want one of your own dog or cat, please visit my Pet Portraits commission page for more information on the process, materials, and process.

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