Different Styles of Pet Portraits

I offer many different styles of pet portraits.  The style chosen comes down to individual taste, as well as what colors work well for the pet. Please read below for more information about my different styles, and see examples to help you in making a decision about which style you prefer.  To get more information about my portraits, please visit my Pet Portraits Commission Information page.

Portrait Style – Colorful Realism

This is my most popular style. I use the animal’s own colors as a guide and make them colorful.  You can still tell what the animal’s original color and markings, were but the colors are more amped up.  So black colored fur would be mostly dark blues and purples, tan colored fur is bright orange and yellow, white colored fur is light blues and purples, and so on.  Please see the examples above, and visit my Pet Portraits gallery to see more examples.  Most of the portraits are in this style.

Portrait Style – Natural Colors

Using natural colors on a colorful or muted background. For this portrait style, I use your pet’s natural coloration and markings, and match them as closely as possible.  There will be little pops of color here and there to add depth, and the background can be as colorful or as plain as you like.  This style works best with animals that have a lot of brown in their fur.

Portrait Style – Psychedelic

This style takes your animal and makes their colors wild and vibrant, with no regard for their actual color or markings.  It will still look like your dog or cat, but the colors are psychedelic rainbow and are trippy. The overall style is still realistic, but the colors are wild and vibrant. I have not done many of these as commissioned pet portraits, but you can see more examples of my psychedelic artwork in my Portfolio.

Background Styles

The backgrounds in my portraits are usually abstract and very colorful.  A typical background is chosen to contrast with the subject.  I usually choose a dark background to contrast with a light colored subject (example: white dog) and a light colored background to contrast with a dark colored subject.  Most clients will have me choose a background, and I choose the colors and style based on the dog’s colors and personality.  Below are examples of common backgrounds that I use for my portraits, to give you an idea what to expect.  You are welcome to choose one you like, or leave it up to me.