Colorful Fluorescent Dog Portrait

This bright fluorescent pet portrait painting features a mixed breed dog named Belle.  It was completed on September 16, 2020, and was created with acrylic paints on a 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. The portrait was painted with bright rainbow colors, against a background that is a gradient of blue and green.  The mostly blue background is a complementary color to the mostly orange color of the subject, which makes the dog “pop” from the canvas.  The reserved, plain background allows the subject to be the sole focus of the painting.  It is an abstract version of the background in the actual photo reference, which was a bright blue sky and green grass. A larger version of this painting can be seen in my Portfolio Gallery.

Belle is a mostly brownish-tan color, which was represented in this painting as bright orange. The pose of the dog is dynamic and original.  She is not facing forward, nor is she facing sideways (profile view). Her face is at a three-quarters pose, and she is looking at something off camera, and her ears are moving, listening to her surroundings.  This pose makes for a more interesting portrait than the traditional full head on symmetrical poses that are popular with portrait paintings.

I used a good amount of fluorescent paints in the creation of this painting.  Since fluorescent paints are more transparent, I paint a base payer first, then layer the fluorescent paints over top of it.  It is impossible to see this in the scan, since a computer screen cannot differentiate between regular orange and fluorescent orange.  But it is very obvious in the actual painting.  Regular orange appears rather dull and drab when compared to the fluorescent orange paint. I also used touches of fluorescent pink and yellow.  A lighter yellow color was used for the highlights, and purple and blues were used very minimally for shading.  Little touches of green were added throughout to create interest and break up large areas of a single color.

If you like this painting and want one of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portrait Commission Page to find out about pricing and other information.

This artwork is also available in my Online Print Store for purchase as a fine art print, canvas print, home decor products such as throw pillows and blankets, and other products like tote bags and cell phone cases.