Inner Strength Psychedelic Sri Yantra Mandala

This vibrant mandala titled “Inner Strength” was created on January 29, 2009.  It is drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore drawing paper, and measures 18″ x 18″.  It is present in the Psychedelic Gallery of my online portfolio. A larger version of the drawing can be seen on m webpage here: Inner Strength. It was hand drawn using a ruler, protractor, compass, and drawing instructions from this website – How To Draw a Sri Yantra. A psychedelic tiger’s face emerges from the Sri Yantra, a Hindu symbol of meditation and enlightenment.  Two layers of lotus petals in rainbow colors encircle the main mandala.

About the Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra, or Sri Chakra, features nine interlocking triangles with a central point called the “bindu”.  It is one of the most popular symbols of Sacred Geometry, and is used in the Shri Vidya school of Hinduism. It is said to be the “mother of all yantras”. The triangles represent the cosmos, as well as the human body. Another name for the sri yanta is the Navayoni Chakra, which refers to the nine triangles. The nine main triangles overlap to form 43 smaller triangles of various sizes, in five levels. The upwards facing triangles represent the masculine form, while the downward pointing triangles represent the feminine form. There are nine levels total, including the five triangle levels, the Bindu at the center, the inner and outer lotus rings, and the outer square with portals (missing from the drawing). Each of these levels has a special symbolic meaning and name. You can read more about this on the Wikipedia page about the Sri Yantra.

Inspiration for the Drawing

This Inner Strength mandala was created at a time when I was drawing lots of mandalas, mostly inspired by Asian and Celtic symbolism.  The Sri Yantra is considered one of the most difficult mandalas to draw by hand, and I wanted the challenge of creating it.  I chose a very large size of paper, since there are so many details.  I initially practiced on a smaller piece of paper before moving onto a larger size.  I wanted to make this mandala my own, so I put my own signature designs on it, including the psychedelic rainbow colors, paisley-like designs in the lotus petals, and the alternating colors.  The tiger’s face was chosen to make the yantra more dynamic, and the Ohm symbol was added as a symbol of enlightenment.  The only thing missing from this drawing was the “gate” on the outside, and that was because I ran out of room on the paper. That makes this Sri Yantra incomplete.

Inner Strength

Inner Strength

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