Colorful Rainbow Hamster Pet Portrait Painting

This is the very first hamster painting that I have done! Completed on June 10, 2020, this is Tumbleweed, the golden Syrian hamster.  The portrait is an acrylic painting on a 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. It was really fun paining this hamster, and I hope I get to paint more critters besides cats and dogs in the future!  A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here: Colorful Pet Portrait – Tumbleweed the Hamster.

Tumbleweed hamster closeup

Tumbleweed closeup

The above picture is a close up view of the painting, showing off the colors and details. Even though the hamster is mostly orange and white, I used a full rainbow of colors to depict her.  I used fluorescent red, fluorescent orange, and fluorescent hot pink in the creation of this painting, which is very hard to tell from this scan.  The real life painting is brighter and more colorful, believe it or not!  I like to include some fluorescent paints in my paintings as I feel they help to enhance some colors and really make them pop.  Fluorescent orange looks so much more intense and pure compared to a typical orange paint, such as the cadmium orange that I used here.  Unfortunately fluorescent colors do not really scan as they really are; even with 16 million colors in the display, there are still colors which a computer monitor cannot display.

Hamster Painting and Photo

Hamster Painting and Photo

In the above photo, you can see the original reference photo in comparison to the painting. The original photo was very small, and there was a lot of compression which made seeing details difficult.  However, since my style is less realistic and more impressionistic, this photo was an acceptable reference to use.  I could see well enough the features of the hamster as well as the markings.  The lighting was good enough that there are areas of shadow and highlight in the fur. A few minor changes were made from the photo.  The ear on the right was adjusted to be facing forward, and the eyes were made slightly more rounded.  These are minor artistic details which do not change the hamster’s appearance.

For the tan areas, I used mostly warm colors (red, orange yellow, and the fluorescent versions of those colors too). Some brush strokes of blue and green were added to add some pop.  The white areas are creamy yellow, blue, and purple, with some teal and green.  The background choice of mostly cool colors was made to be in contrast to the predominantly warm colors of the hamster.

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