Colorful Pet Portrait Painting – Alfred the Black Cat

My latest pet portrait painting was completed on May 25, 2020.  The subject was a black cat named Alfred.  The painting was created with acrylic paints on a 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. A larger view of the artwork can be seen in my portfolio here – Colorful Pet Portrait – Alfred.

Here is a comparison of the painting of Alfred with the reference photo. I took some liberties with the painting, besides the colors used, of course. In the original photo, Alfred has two light sources: daylight (blue) from the left, and incandescent indoor light (orange) from the right. I thought this was a really cool effect, but creating this with my bright colorful stye just didn’t look right to me. It was hard to tell he was a black cat with all the orange color. So I changed the details to be all one “light” source, using another photo I had of him as a secondary reference. This is a really cool effect that I may try to replicate in a future original painting, maybe of a black wolf or leopard.

Alfred black cat painting closeup

Alfred painting closeup

Above you can see a close up view of the painting, showing the details and colors used.  For Alfred’s portrait, I primarily used a base of blue and purple, and added layers of other colors on top.  All kinds of colors were used, including magenta, green, yellow, orange, and hot pink.  This gives a bit of depth to the painting and makes it more interesting than if I only used blue and purple. I chose green as the primary color for the background to bring out the green color of his eyes. I also added paint brush strokes of purple, blue, yellow, orange, and hot pink to add interest to the background.

My art style is somewhat more detailed, and less impressionistic, than art styles in painting that are popular right now, especially among artists that use a lot of color in their works.  As a former colored pencil artist, it is hard for me not to keep adding details to my paintings.  This makes my style stand out as unique, and also allows me to capture the unique personality, and markings of the pet. I try to make sure it looks like them down to fine details, even while using bright full saturation color.

If you are interested in purchasing a colorful pet portrait of your own pet, please visit my Pet Portrait Page for more information.

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