Kevin Colorful Brown Tabby Cat Painting

Rainbow Pet Portrait Painting of Brown Tabby Cat

Completed on June 4, 2020, this is the second of two pet portraits of cats painted for the same client, of a brown tabby cat named Kevin.  He was a rescue cat, and was abused before his current owner adopted him.  His ears are tattered and he has some scars on his face, that is all that remains of his previous abuse.  Now he is a happy and healthy cat living his best life!  A larger version of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here – Colorful Pet Portrait – Kevin.

Kevin photo vs painting Brown Tabby cat Painting

Kevin photo vs painting

A comparison of the reference photo with the actual painting can be seen above.  Although this was the main reference used, secondary references were used to fill in some details, as this photo is dark and a little blurry. I also changed his position a little bit so he is not leaning over so far to the left (his right). The markings on his chest are actually not that dark, as was seen from other photos taken in better light. And last, the collar was removed.  Some clients prefer that I leave the collar on and others prefer it be left off.

Kevin brown tabby cat painting closeup

Kevin painting closeup

In the above picture you can see a closeup view of this painting, where you can see the details, colors, and brush strokes. This portrait was created with acrylic paints on an 8″ x 10″ stretched canvas. I used a full rainbow of colors to depict his tabby markings. The tabby markings are painted with dark blues and purples, in contrast to the mostly warm colors used for the rest of the fur.  I did an under-painting of magenta on the “brown” areas of his fur, and then added details with yellow, light blue, red, orange, and even some green to add depth. The combination of many colors gives the impression of “brown tabby” when viewed from a distance. Brown tabby cats are not actually brown, their fur has what is called an agouti ticking pattern. Each individual  hair has bands of various colors which give the impression of a brown color.   The background is a soft gradient of purple, blue and green, which contrasts with the mostly warm colors of the cat.  He is laying on a white comforter on top of a bed.  This had little detail in the actual photo, so I added some creases to make it look more like a blanket.

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