Psychedelic Pangolin Painting for World Pangolin Day

My newest painting, just completed today, is my Psychedelic Pangolin.  It was created with acrylic paints on an 11″ x 14″ wood panel. I created this with my newest fluorescent pink acrylic paint, which creates a vibrant and colorful painting in person. A larger view of this painting can be seen in my portfolio here – Psychedelic Pangolin.

Also known as scaly anteaters, they comprise 8 species in the mammal family Manidae. Four species are found in Africa, and four species in Asia. Although they strongly resemble other anteater species, they are actually closer related to the Carnivora family. The species represented in this painting is a Ground Pangolin (Smutsia temminckii), also known as the Temminck’s pangolin or Cape pangolin.  They are one of four species found in Africa.

They eat ants and termites, using their powerful claws to dig into their mounds. They are the only mammals with scales. They are covered in thick scales made of keratin, the same protein that makes up human fingernails, rhino horns, and the horns of cattle, goats, and sheep. When threatened, they can curl up into a ball, and they resemble a large pine cone. Some species of pangolins have long thin prehensile tails, and live in the trees; while other species have broad flat tails and live on the ground.

All 8 species are endangered, with three of those species critically endangered. They face extinction due to forest destruction, and poaching for their meat and scales. Their scales especially are considered valuable in traditional Chinese medicine. The scales are, of course, just made of keratin, similar to rhino horn, and have no actual medicinal value. Pangolins are the most trafficked animal, accounting for up to 20% of all illegal wildlife trade. In December of 2019 alone, over 10 tons of pangolin scales were recovered in a government seizure in Wenzhou, China.

These unique and amazing animals need better protection, and becoming aware of the issue is the first step towards saving these animals, and thousands of other species that are victims of the illegal wildlife trafficking worldwide. Click on links for the hashtag #worldpangolinday in your social media of choice to learn more.

To learn more about the plight of pangolins, and for information on how to help, please visit the IUCN/SSC Pangolin Specialist Group. Also visit the Wikipedia page and to learn more about each species.

Psychedelic Pangolin

Psychedelic Pangolin

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