2019 Year in Review – Pet Portraits

2019 has been a busy year for me for pet portraits! I have completed 11 portraits, which is more than last year. Whereas the last few years have been mostly friends and friends of friends, this year I have done many more portraits for those I don’t know personally. I am happy that my pet portrait business is taking off, and people are able to find my website and Etsy listings. I also completed my first multi-pet portrait (the three dogs) and the owner was so pleased with it she wants me to paint two more!

I have one of my friends to thank for getting me into this business in the first place. She reached out to me three years ago and asked me to paint her pet’s portraits, even though at that time I really had not painted any dogs or cats. Since then, I have created 25 portraits for customers all over the United States. It has been a little bumpy the last few years: not knowing what to charge, how people will find me, what style I should do, and if people will even like my art! But I feel like I am making progress, I am getting better every time I complete a portrait, and people are finally finding me online specifically for pet portraits. I already have several portraits booked into the next year, something that has not happened before!

I am also having fun creating artwork from my customer’s photos. I know that not many artists will take commissions for a multitude of reasons, and bad photos are one of them. However, I actually don’t mind getting reference photos which are less than ideal, since it allows me to use my artistic license and really create a work of art. It is a challenge to create a portrait from a small and grainy photo, but I feel like my colorful realistic yet slightly impressionistic style is well suited for the task, since I don’t need to focus too much in every little hair. And it is especially a joy when I do get a great photo to work from!

Please enjoy this review of my portraits from the past year, and look forward to more in the upcoming 2020 year!

To order your own custom colorful pet portrait, please click on the Pet Portraits link above or the image below.

Custom Pet Portraits from your Photo