Pint Glass

Drinking Glasses with Colorful Animal Designs

These drinking glasses are a unique take on a very ordinary and common piece of kitchenware.  They feature colorful artwork on the sides, and will add a splash of color to your decor and make an interesting conversation piece.  Although these American pint glasses, also known as shaker glasses, are typically used for beer, they are actually versatile glass cups that can be used everyday for any drink you want.

They hold 16 oz (473 mL), and measure 3.5″ in diameter by 5.875″ tall.  Bold designs are printed in full color on two sides.  These designs include psychedelic animal artwork, colorful and expressive dog portraits, vibrant rainbow mandalas, and fantasy creatures such as dragons and phoenix birds.  There is something for everyone in my collection of glass cups in my Zazzle store.  They are customizable, meaning you are welcome to add your own text for a personal touch.

They make the perfect gift for someone who loves contemporary colorful pop art animal artwork.  There are wolves, tigers, chameleons, fish, owls, peacocks, and dozens of popular dog breeds to choose from.

Clicking on the images below will take you directly to the Zazzle store page where you can purchase the product.  Please preview the designs below, and visit my Collections to view all of the pint glasses that I have for sale in my online store.

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