Lion by Flo Art Studio

Featured Artist – Flo Art Studio

It is my pleasure to create a new series of blog articles highlighting other contemporary artists who I greatly admire. The first artist in this series is Flo Art Studio.  She is another artist who specializes in colorful and vibrant animal portraits.  Her style is very fluid and loose, and her use of complementary and full saturation colors gives her work a lot of life.  She uses both digital and traditional media, and also does commissioned pet portraits for clients. According to her bio, she was born and raised in Paris, where she went to college for art and design.  She now lives in Colorado, where she focuses on creating her beautiful art.  Her art is very inspirational to me, and motivates me to try to be more loose with my art style.

You can visit her website to see her entire portfolio. She sells her prints in her online stores on Society6 and Redbubble, and her original paintings and pet portraits through Etsy. Her Instagram account is @floartstudio.

Orange Fox by Flo Art Studio

I love how her portraits have so much life in them.  She uses the digital media to replicate a watercolor feel, and uses bright and bold colors with just enough detail.  The focus is truly on the animal, and her use of color really brings out their personality.  I love the warm sunny feeling of this painting.  The expression on the fox’s face really looks like he is enjoying the warmth of the sunshine!

Summer Cow by Flo Art Studio

This Summer Cow is one of her newest paintings, and immediately one of my favorites.  The pastel colors give an air of innocence to this young cow.  I really love the painterly, almost impressionistic feel of this painting.  The bright and cheerful greens remind me of spring pastures.

Elephant by Flo Art Studio

Elephant by Flo Art Studio

This dynamic and dramatic painting of an elephant has always been a favorite of mine.  The broad brush strokes provide just enough detail so that you know this is an elephant, but also create a sense of energy and motion.  The blue gives a sense of calm serenity.  This intelligent animal looks very peaceful and confident.