Places to Sell Your Art Online

As an artist in 2019, there are more places than ever to sell your artwork!  Some artists choose to sell their art in galleries, while others will try arts and crafts fairs.  Some will choose to sell their art on consignment with stores or interior decorators.  These are all great ways to sell your art, but require a lot of upfront cost.  In addition, many art galleries jury in their members, and this leaves a lot of artists still looking for places to sell.  As a result, an increasing number of artists are turning to online services to sell their art.

Types of Online Stores

There are two main types of online platforms: direct sales and print-on-demand, also known as POD.  Direct sales are perfect for people who want to sell their original paintings, drawings, or sculptures.  POD stores are ideal for those wanting to sell prints and other merchandise with their art.  POD stores can offer you a storefront on their website, often called a MarketPlace, or offer their services through drop shipping and can be integrated into your own website using a client like Shopify.  Drop shipping means that the company deals with the production of the product and ships it for you, so you do not have to keep stock on hand.  They usually will remove all branding, and some allow you to add your own brands to the labels on things such as clothing and bags.

Royalty vs Markups

These online stores will either offer you a set royalty (sometimes called a commission), or allow you to create your own markup (set your own price).  If they set their own royalty (for example, 10%), then whenever you sell a product you earn 10% of that sale, so a $100 art print will net you $10, while the company keeps the remaining $90.  Stores that allow you to set your own markup let you keep your entire markup.  For example. if the base price of a print is $100 and you add your markup as $20, the total the customer pays is $120.  The company keeps $100 and you keep $20.

Tips for Selling Your Art

I have a comprehensive guide on how to sell through POD’s that you can read for more information. Don’t be afraid to sign up for and try multiple services.  Each site has its own “feel”, and you have to find one where you belong.  There is no right or wrong, it takes lots of trial and error, and lots of patience, to know which one or ones are right for you.  Most artists choose to sell on more than one platform.  It can take several months after signing up for the sales to start, so don’t be discouraged!

List of Online Stores

Below, I have a comprehensive list of many of the most popular online platforms for selling art.  I have listed the pros and cons, what products are offered, and fees that may apply.  This list is in alphabetical order, and the store name is linked to the main webpage of that company. While there are hundreds of stores online that specialize in selling art, I have only included the most popular ones, and the ones I am personally familiar with. For a more comprehensive list please visit this website.

Amazon Handmade – The Amazon marketplace has a special department for handmade goods, similar to the more familiar Etsy.  They take a 15% fee on sales, and you have to be accepted to have a store there.

ArtFinder – For artists to sell their original works only.   The site is for buyers to find artists to buy from, and the artist is responsible for selling and shipping the artwork, while ArtFinder takes care of the payment processing.  Artfinder takes a 33% cut of your sale.  The application process is juried, which means you have to submit a porfolio and be accepted to sell work there.  They do not allow the sale of prints or reproductions, only original art.  No membership fees.

ArtofWhere – This is a Print-On-Demand site that also does drop shipping from your own website or Etsy store.  They sell clothing, bags, wall art, stationery, and a few other products.  Your products can be listed in their marketplace on their website.  They pay you a flat rate of 25% on products sold through their store, so you cannot choose your own prices. There are no membership fees.

ArtPal – This is for selling original works, and they also offer a Print-On-Demand service for prints.  There are no membership fees, and you keep 95-100% of the sale price when you sell your original art.  When using their POD service, you set your own markup.

ArtStation – This is primarily a portfolio gallery for illustraters and designers.  However, they have recently opened up a print-on-demand store for stretched canvas art prints.  There are two membership levels, a free membership and a Pro membership.  The Pro membership is $84 a year and includes preferential listing in the search results, a custom website, more portfolio options, a blog, analytics, and other perks.  For canvas prints, you set your own markup.

CafePress – I have written extensively about CafePress, and you can read the article here. They are a Print-On-Demand store that sells hundreds of products, including home decor, clothing, bags, accessories, and other merchandise.  The free shop is limited to only a single design, so it is highly recommended that you sign up for a premium shop, which is $30 per year.  They claim the royalty is 10%, but if your product sells through their Amazon or another affiliate store, you only get 5% commission.

Curioos – A Print-On-Demand store that offers wall art, clothing, pillows and blankets.  They have unique die-cut prints that can be cut into any shape.  They have three royalty rate tiers depending on if you want to provide exclusive or non exclusive prints through their site.  There is no membership fee.

DeviantArt – DeviantArt is an artist’s porfolio site and community that also offers prints through their own Print-On-Demand service.  A membership is not necessary to join or sell prints. Royalty is set at 20% for regular members.  You get to set your own higher commission rate if you sign up for their Core membership, which is $50 per year.  They offer art prints, mugs, calendars, greeting cards, mousepads, coasters and magnets.

Displate – They are a Print-On-Demand store that specializes in metal art prints.  There is no membership fee, and artists receive 10% royalty on sales.  They have a referral program with a special link that can let you earn up to 40% if someone purchases a print using your referral link.

eBay – While eBay does not specialize in art, it is a place where you can sell your originals or even prints.  Set your own prices, eBay takes a fee of the total as well as a listing fee.  Their fees vary by what you are selling and if you are a professional seller or not, I recommend checking their website for their current list of fees.

Etsy – This is a selling site that specializes in allowing people to sell their handmade products, mostly arts and crafts.  While there is no membership fee, there are a lot of other fees, such as listing fees, and fees when you sell your products.

FineArtAmerica – They are a Print-On-Demand service that sells wall art, home decor, shirts, and accessories.  You can set your own markup for all the products.  They have a free service, which limits you to 25 images.  The paid membership is $30 a year and also comes with a website, drop-on shopping cart for your website, and other advanced features. They also own other websites, such as, MobilePrints, and DesignerPrints, and have affiliations with other online stores.

Gooten – They are a Print-On-Demand site that specializes in e-commerce drop shipping for your own personal website, so they do not sell their products through a central marketplace like other POD’s.  You set your own prices through your own site or Etsy store.  There is no membership fee.

ImageKind – They are a Print-On-Demand store that specializes in wall art prints.  They have a few different tiers, including a free one, and you can set your own markup.  Membership is about $95 per year, and includes a premium website and preferred placement in their search listings.

InPrnt – A Print-On-Demand store that mostly does giclee art prints and canvas prints, and also offers greeting cards and cell phone cases.  In order to open a store there you must submit a portfolio and be voted on.  There is no membership fee, and you can set your own markup on products.

Pictorem – A Print-on-Demand store in Canada that ships worldwide.  They specialize in wall art – art prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, mural prints and wood prints.  There is no membership fee, and you can set your own markup.

Printful – A Print-On-Demand store similar to Gooten that specializes in e-commerce drop shipping.  They sell clothing, accessories, home decor and art prints.  There is no membership fee, and like Gooten you choose your own prices.

RedBubble – A Print-On-Demand store that offers dozens of products, including a selection of wall art, clothing, home decor, cases, and gifts.  There is no membership fee, and you can select your own markup.

SaatchiArt – For selling original artworks as well as offering a Print-On-Demand service for art prints, similar to ArtPal.  They take a 35% fee on all sales of original artwork.  You can set your own markup for art prints. There is no membership fee.

Society6 – A Print-On-Demand store similar to RedBubble that sells wall art, home decor, clothing, cases and gifts.  There is no membership fee.  You can set your own markup for art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints.  Everything else is a flat 10% royalty.  They offer an affiliate link called Curator which can earn you an additional 10% on sales if someone purchases a product using your special link.

Zazzle – A Print-On-Demand store that offers thousands of products in all categories, including wall art, home decor, kitchen and dining, bathroom decor, games, cases, electronics, clothing, invitations, cards, office and school supplies, and much more.  They have the largest selection of products of any POD store, you can learn more about them in my article here.  There is no membership fee, and you can choose your own markup.  They have an affiliate sales link that can earn you an additional 15% on sales if someone purchases something with your special link.