Sunset on the Savanna African Lion

Sunset on the Savanna African Lion Painting Details

My newest painting, “Sunset on the Savanna – African Lion“, is now available online for purchase as a fine art print, canvas print, tote bag, and much more in my online stores.   This painting was completed in January 2019, and depicts a portrait of an African Lion in bright vibrant colors. This painting was created with acrylic paints on board, and measures 11″ wide by 14” tall. The original is for sale, if you are interested please Contact Me.

Lion closeup


Here you can see a closeup of the lion painting.   This painting was created using a bold vibrant palette of sunset colors, including red, orange, yellow, magenta, purple, violet, and blue.  It is a vivid composition that almost looks like it is glowing.  The lion is lit from the side and back, creating a dramatic effect with bright white highlights. The reference photo for this lion originally came from Pixabay, and is in the public domain. You can see the reference photo here.

About the Lion

The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the largest species in the cat family (Felidae). They live in a large social group called a “pride” which is made up mostly of closely related females and a few unrelated males. The males are much larger than the females, and have a thick mane of long fur. They are typically tawny in color, though rarely can be pure white. Historically, lions ranged across Africa, southern Europe, the middle East, central Asia, and into India. Currently they exist only in isolated populations throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and in a very small population in Gir National Forest in India. Their preferred habitat is the grassy savannas. For more information, please visit the Wikipedia page.


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