2018 Year in Review Paintings

Artist Year in Review – 2018

It has been a prolific year for me as an artist.  I have created 26 new artworks in 2018.  Of those, 16 were original artworks, and 10 were commissioned.  I started a new series – Colorful Dog Portraits.  I added 12 new dog portraits to the 2 that were already there from last year.  I created 4 new Colorful Animal Artworks – a tiger, leopard, fox, and a reworking of my Wolf Aurora pastel drawing.

My Pet Portraits business has picked up a lot, with 9 new commissioned paintings.  This was in no small part to the fact that I am changing the media I work in from pastels and colored pencils to acrylic paints.  This allows me to create larger works at a much faster pace.  My acrylic painting trend was actually started by a client who requested  a painting on stretched canvas.  I realized how much I liked working with the medium, and never looked back.  I also have one private commissioned drawing of a dragon that is being used as a website logo for a business that sells gaming dice. I want to continue to grow my pet portrait business into 2019.  I have not been very good at advertising myself online, and this upcoming year I will focus more in trying to attract new clients.  I will be posting pet portraits in my Etsy account and advertising more about it on social media and my own website.

In the upcoming year, I hope to continue creating new original artworks.  I plan to continue my colorful dog portraits series, as well as other colorful animals series, including big cats, wild dogs and foxes, wolves, birds, cats, farm animals, reptiles, and other wild animals such as elephants and deer. I also have many fantasy creatures that I would like to paint, such as more dragons, phoenixes, and other Asian mythological creatures, as well as a series of elemental wolves and other fantasy wolves.  My focus in 2019 will be to continue dog breeds, continue the big cats series that I started this year with the tiger and leopard, and start a new series of colorful cat portraits.  I am putting the Chinese Zodiac Animals series on hold while I work on increasing my portfolio with these colorful animal portraits.

This year, I have been very active on social media.  I have opened an Instagram account and post there regularly.  My Twitter account is very active, with posts everyday.  I am trying to be more active on my Facebook page, which has been easier since I have been creating more paintings to post.  I have been very active on my Pinterest account too, pinning not only my own products, but cool and interesting colorful artwork that I find online.  In 2019 my goal is to continue being active in my social media accounts and to gain more followers on my new Insta account.

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!