Acrylic Sculptures

Unique Acrylic Art Blocks for Your Home Decor

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My colorful artwork is available from Zazzle as acrylic blocks.  These blocks are a unique way to display artwork.  They look great on any bookshelf, fireplace mantle, or desk.  These blocks feature unique artwork, such as psychedelic animals, colorful expressive dog portraits, vibrant rainbow mandalas, and fantasy creatures like dragons.  There are many animals to choose from, including wolves, foxes, peacocks, turtles, chameleons, tigers, leopards, and more than a dozen breeds of dog.

These block are made with 1 inch thick Grade A acrylic.  They come in three shapes: horizontal rectangle (5″x7″), vertical rectangle (5″x7″), and octagon (3 sizes).  Each of my artwork is only available in one of these shapes, due to the nature of the shape of the original painting. They are capable of standing on a flat surface without any support.

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