2017 Artwork Collage

Year in Review – My Artwork in 2017

2017 has been a very productive year for my artwork.  I have created 15 new pieces this year, of which 7 were commissions and 8 were original artworks.  Overall, I have been happy with my progress as an artist, and you can clearly see improvement in both my style and technique in these drawings as compared to my older drawings.  Just the fact that I have been creating art more regularly has helped me to develop myself as an artist.

I have learned a lot this year about SEO and managing my social media effectively.  I have joined several Facebook groups, which help me to learn new techniques and skills, as well as networking with artists.  I have devoted more time to social media and my website than I ever had in the past.  I learned all about how to use Pinterest and Twitter effectively, signed up for a Google+ account, and have been more active on my Facebook page.  I also closed my Tumblr account, since I was not getting any activity there.  I also have been working diligently on my website, adding features and keeping a blog.

I also have been refocusing my efforts on my online stores. Many new products have been added to my stores, and I have retired some of the older designs.  I have closed some accounts as well.  My CafePress account, which I have had for 10 years, had been closed, and so has my ImageKind and TeePublic accounts.  I also stopped selling prints through my DeviantArt account.  These account closures were due to several factors, but mostly because they were not selling very well and I wanted to focus my efforts on my stores that were doing better.It makes much more sense to focus my efforts on a few stores rather than spread myself too thin all over the internet. I was a featured artist in Redbubble in May, which really helped to boost my sales and increased awareness of my designs in general.

This year has been a busy one with many projects. I have started two long-term personal projects: the Colorful Chinese Zodiac Animals series and the Colorful Pets series.  I have so far created three of the twelve Zodiac animals, and two original colorful dog drawings.  Another project that I got to work on this year is a book cover, the first I have ever done.  I learned a lot working on this cover, and got to meet some wonderful people and read a great science fiction novella!  I created one more label for the Sky Valley Food company, and hope to continue creating more label art for them in the future.  I had four commissioned pet portraits, and am currently working on my fifth.  I hope this is a trend that continues into next year and beyond.

All in all, it has been an exciting and interesting year.  Keep following my website and social media to see my newest creations in the new year!