Acrylic Blocks

Square Acrylic Art Blocks for Your Home Decor

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Acrylic art blocks are a colorful and unique way to display art.  On the shelf or on your desk, these free-standing blocks will show off the artwork in a stunning way.  They come in two sizes: 4 x 4 inches or 6 x 6 inches, and both are 1 inch thick.  They are printed on the back of the block in vibrant full color, and the hand-polished diamond cut sides show off the art from any angle.  The unique property of acrylic blocks is that it reflects the art onto the sides of the block, giving the image depth and clarity.

These beautiful blocks are a wonderful way to decorate your home or office.  They also make the perfect gift for anyone who loves colorful animal art.  These art blocks are available in many artwork designs, including psychedelic animal artwork, colorful wildlife paintings, vibrant dog and cat portraits, rainbow mandalas, and fantasy creatures.  Choose from over three dozen unique animal designs, including wolves, foxes, cats, dogs, lions, tigers, leopards, chameleons, peacocks and other birds, dragons, and many more.

Please preview the blocks below, and go to my RedBubble Store to see all of the acrylic art blocks I have available with my designs!  Clicking on an image below will take you directly to the product page in my RedBubble store, where you can purchase the acrylic block.

Colorful Black Cat acrylic block rb

Colorful Black Cat with Green Eyes

Gentle Guardian Colorful Rottweiler Acrylic Block

Gentle Guardian Colorful Rottweiler

Peaceful Winter Arctic Fox Acrylic Block

Peaceful Winter Arctic Fox

Colorful Siamese Art Block

Jewel of the Orient Siamese Cat

Light in the Rainforest Jaguar Acrylic Block

Light in the Rainforest Jaguar

Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Acrylic Block

Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Rainbow Bird

Sunset on the Savanna African Lion Acrylic Block

Sunset on the Savanna African Lion

Rainbow Cat Acrylic Block

Anticipation Rainbow Tabby Cat

Epiphany Psychedelic Dragons Mandala acrylic art block

Psychedelic Dragons Mandala

Psychedelizard Psychedelic Chameleon acrylic art block

Psychedelic Chameleon

Colorful Paisley Peacock acrylic art block

Colorful Paisley Peacock Rainbow Bird

Chinese Azure Dragon acrylic art block

Chinese Azure Dragon

Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Mandala acrylic art block

Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Mandala

Psychedelic Wolf acrylic art block

Psychedelic Wolf

Colorful Rainbow Owl Acrylic Art Block

Colorful Rainbow Owl

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish acrylic art block

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish

Blue Celtic Horse acrylic art block

Blue Celtic Horse

Psychedelic Painted Turtle acrylic art block

Psychedelic Painted Turtle

Year of the Tiger acrylic block

Year of the Tiger

Colorful French Bulldog acrylic block

Daydreamer French Bulldog

Phoenix and Dragon acrylic block

Phoenix and Dragon

Rainbow Zebra acrylic block

Rainbow Zebra

Seahorse Triskele Celtic Mandala acrylic block

Seahorse Triskele Celtic Mandala

Colorful Miniature Schnauzer acrylic block

Curiosity Miniature Schnauzer

Wolf Aurora Acrylic Block

Wolf Aurora

Colorful Bengal Tiger Acrylic Block

Fiery Beauty Bengal Tiger

Colorful Border Collie Acrylic Block

Watchful Eye Border Collie

Colorful Boston Terrier Acrylic Block

Effervescent Boston Terrier

Colorful Corgi Acrylic Block

Mischief Maker Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Colorful German Shepherd Acrylic Block

Courageous Partner German Shepherd Dog

Colorful Golden Retriever Dog Acrylic Block

Faithful Friend Golden Retriever Dog

Colorful Labrador Retriever Acrylic Block

Loyal Companion Labrador Retriever

Colorful Leopard Acrylic Block

Queen of the Jungle Leopard

Colorful Pitbull Acrylic Block

Peppy Purple Pitbull Terrier Dog

Colorful Rainbow Pug Acrylic Block

Colorful Rainbow Pug

Colorful Westie Acrylic Block

Happiness West Highland White Terrier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Acrylic Block

Autumn Delight Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Colorful Boxer Dog Acrylic Block

Devoted Guardian Boxer Dog

Colorful Chihuahua Acrylic Block

Small and Sassy Chihuahua

Colorful Red Fox Acrylic Block

Vibrant Flame Red Fox