Colorful Metal Ornaments

Colorful Metal Ornaments for your Holiday Decor

Searching for a unique and colorful ornament to add to your holiday decor?  Check out these beautiful metal ornaments.  Add a colorful touch to your tree or around the house during the holidays or anytime of the year. Also makes a great gift! These ornaments come with a ribbon attached for hanging, and come in multiple shapes.  They are available in dozens of cool designs, featuring psychedelic animals, colorful expressive dog portraits, vibrant rainbow mandalas, and fantasy creatures such as dragons and phoenix birds.

Metal ornaments are available in two shapes (circle and square), and measure approximately 2″.  They are UV resistant and waterproof.  They are customizable, if you want to add your own text or monogram.  They come with a red ribbon for hanging. The image is only on one side of this ornament, with a silver-colored metal backing.

Colorful Black Cat Ornament

Colorful Black Cat with Green Eyes

Colorful Rottweiler Dog Metal Ornament

Colorful Rottweiler Dog

Colorful Winter Arctic Fox Ceramic Ornament

Peaceful Winter Arctic Fox

Colorful Siamese Cat Ceramic Ornament

Jewel of the Orient Colorful Siamese Cat

Light in the Rainforest Jaguar Ornament

Light in the Rainforest Jaguar

Colorful African Lion Ceramic Ornament

Sunset on the Savanna Colorful African Lion

Psychedelic Rainbow Cat Ceramic Ornament

Anticipation Psychedelic Rainbow Cat

Colorful Red Fox Ornament

Vibrant Flame Colorful Red Fox

Colorful Paisley Peacock Ornament

Colorful Paisley Peacock Rainbow Bird

Chinese Dragon Ornament

Chinese Azure Dragon

Colorful French Bulldog Dog Ornament

Daydreamer Colorful French Bulldog

Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Mandala Ornament

Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Mandala

Colorful Rainbow Owl Metal Ornament

Colorful Rainbow Owl

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish Metal Ornament

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish

Seahorse Triskele Spirals Celtic Mandala Ornament

Seahorse Triskele Spirals Celtic Mandala

Inner Strength Psychedelic Tiger Mandala Ornament

Inner Strength Psychedelic Tiger Mandala

Colorful Rainbow Pug Dog Ornament

Colorful Rainbow Pug Dog

Colorful Boston Terrier Dog Ornament

Colorful Boston Terrier Dog

Colorful Brindle Boxer Dog Ornament

Colorful Brindle Boxer Dog

Colorful Welsh Corgi Dog Ornament

Colorful Welsh Corgi Dog

Colorful Border Collie Dog Ornament

Colorful Border Collie Dog

Colorful Chihuahua Dog Ornament

Colorful Chihuahua Dog

Colorful Golden Retriever Dog Ornament

Colorful Golden Retriever Dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ornament

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Wolf Aurora Ornament

Wolf Aurora

Colorful Pitbull Terrier Dog Ornament

Colorful Pitbull Terrier Dog

Colorful German Shepherd Dog Ornament

Colorful German Shepherd Dog

Colorful Westie Terrier Dog Ornament

Colorful Westie Terrier Dog

Colorful Labrador Retriever Dog Ornament

Colorful Labrador Retriever Dog

Colorful Leopard Portrait Ornament

Queen of the Jungle Colorful Leopard Portrait

Colorful Bengal Tiger Ornament

Fiery Beauty Colorful Bengal Tiger