Chinese Zodiac Animals series - Year of the Tiger by Rebecca Wang

New Drawing! Year of the Tiger

I completed the third drawing in my Chinese Zodiac Animals series yesterday: The Year of the Tiger!

This drawing features a colorful tiger walking down rocks made of clear crystal with a background of blue.  The blue and orange create a vibrant contrast and makes the tiger really stand out!  The Chinese character for “tiger” (虎 – Hǔ) was drawn as if it was carved out of the side of the crystal.  You can use your imagination with this drawing!  A beautiful fantasy rendering of a common subject.

Year of the Tiger closeup

Year of the Tiger closeup

The reference photograph that I used for this drawing can be found on Pixabay.  You can learn more about this zodiac animal on my page here.

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Information on the Year of the Tiger:

The Tiger is associated with the following years in the Chinese Zodiac: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010. The next Year of the Tiger will be 2022. Those born in the Year of the tiger are said to be brave, independent, self-confident, and well-liked by others. Their best matches are with someone born in the years of the dog or horse. They should avoid someone in the year of the monkey.

Their lucky elements are as follows: flower is the cineraria; colors are gray, white, blue, purple and orange; numbers are 1, 3, and 4; and direction is Southeast, east and south. Their associated element is wood. Their energy is Yang.

Many people are aware of the zodiac years, but not many know that the Chinese zodiac animals also have corresponding months, days and even hours. The animals assigned to a month is the inner animal, the day is the true animal, and the hour is the hidden animal.

Tigers rule the first lunar month, which corresponds to February 4th to March 5th in the solar calendar. Their season is Spring. Their day is Saturday. The hour of the tiger is from 03:00 – 04:59 (3:00 AM to 4:59 AM).