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Beautiful Wall Clocks for your Home Decor

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Why settle for a plain wall clock when you can display an original piece of art and a clock all in one?  I have a wonderful selection of wall clocks with my colorful designs in my Zazzle Store. Most of my designs are available with and without numbers, so you can choose which one you prefer.

Wall clocks by Zazzle come in three different style choices: medium round (8″ in diameter), large round (10.75″ in diameter) and large square shape (10.75″).   You also have the option of having black or grey clock hands.  They are made from a high quality acrylic, and are as sturdy as they are beautiful.  As with all Zazzle products, they are able to be customized.  You can order them as-is for a unique work of art wall clock, or add your own text and images for a personalized gift.

Below are examples of my wall clocks.  Clicking on the image will take you to the product page. You can see the examples below, or go to my Wall Clock Collection to see all of the designs I have available.  If you want to see a design of mine that is not currently available as a wall clock, please Email Me and I can make that happen!  If you see a design that currently does not have numbers, and you want one that does, email me and I can do that for you. Epiphany Psychedelic Dragons Clock with numbers Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish Wall Clock numbered Blue Wolf Aurora Fantasy Wall Clock numbered Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Bird Wall Clock numbered Inner Strength Psychedelic Wall Clock numbered

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