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Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Colorful Ceramic Tiles for your Home Decor

Decorative ceramic tiles are a beautiful and sturdy way to showcase art.  These tiles feature beautiful original artwork, including psychedelic animal art, colorful dog and cat portraits, vibrant mandalas, and fantasy creatures like dragons and phoenixes.  There are many animals to choose from, including wolves, foxes, chameleons, fish, turtles, peacocks, cats, tigers, and over a dozen popular dog breeds.  There is sure to be something for everyone.

The tiles have removable plastic feet, so they can be used as a trivet or coaster.  They can be framed and displayed on the wall for beautiful and unique home decor.  You can even incorporate them into your existing tile on your wall or in your bathroom for a quirky and colorful mosaic.   Ceramic tiles can be used for craft projects by hot-gluing them to tabletops or square plant pots. They make great gifts, too.  The options for their use are only limited by your imagination!

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