6 of the Best Art Supply Websites Online

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In this blog article I will list some of the best art supply companies online.  I have personally used almost all of these websites at one point or another, and can vouch for their quality. I will only focus on companies that serve the United States, since that is where I am located and most familiar with.  Most of these companies will ship outside of the US, but it will cost more.

Blick Art Supply:  Also known as DickBlick, they are probably the biggest and the best art supply company on the internet.  They have the largest selection of art supplies I have seen, and their prices are the lowest of any company I have seen online.  I purchase from them regularly.  In addition to all the big name brands, they also have their own brand of art supplies.  They have free shipping on any order over $59.  They pack their boxes well with lots of bubble wrap. They also have physical stores in 25 states.

Jerry’s Artarama:  Jerrys’ is another great art supply store online.  Their prices for many products are sometimes even cheaper than Blick.  They also have free shipping on any order over $59.  The two companies are fairly equal when it comes to selection and cost of products.  It comes down to your preference.  I have seen very few products that were not available on both sites.   They take good care of their products when shipping them.  Jerry’s also has 17 physical retail stores across the US.

Amazon:  While they are not, strictly speaking, an art supply store, they do carry art supplies.  They often have great prices on art supplies, especially pencil sets, even lower than the above websites.  While I would not get individual pencils from them, since their packaging can be notoriously bad, it is ideal for full sets or non-breakable art supplies such as pencil sharpeners.  Amazon also has a great perk of having free shipping, especially if you are a Prime member.

Texas Art Supply:  While I have not ordered from them online, I have visited their retail stores in person.  Their selection is amazing and their prices are pretty comparable to the other retailers.  Unlike the other stores, I do not see a mention of free shipping. Texas Art Supply has three physical stores in Houston, Texas.

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff: Another online retailer.  Their prices are comparable to Blick and Jerry’s, but their selection is more limited.  From what I can tell, with few exceptions, they only sell full sets of colored pencils and pastels, rather than individual pencils.  Free shipping only starts on orders over $150.  They have three physical store locations in North Carolina.

Utrecht Art Supplies:  They have similar merchandise as the other stores, and their prices are comparable.  Free ground shipping on orders of $59 or more.  They have their own line of products as well.  One thing that drives me nuts about their website is the lack of product grouping. .  For example, on Blick, if you search for Prismacolor Colored Pencils, you can select if you want to see sets or individual pencils.  The individual pencils are all listed on a single page, and you can select which ones you want.  But on Utrecht, each individual colored pencil color is on its own product page.  If you need to buy a bunch of individual pencils, this website can be very time-consuming.  Utrecht has physical stores located in 25 states.


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