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Colorful Mugs for your Morning Coffee

Drink your morning latte or hot tea in a unique and colorful coffee mug! Zazzle has a fantastic selection of coffee mugs.  Their standard mugs are found in 7 styles and with many having multiple color and size choices.  Many of my designs are available as mugs in my Zazzle Store. These beautiful mugs come with the full-color design printed all the way around. They come in a choice of many unique and colorful designs, including psychedelic art, fantasy creatures, and colorful mandalas.  Choose from dozens of designs, such as wolves, dragons, dogs, cats, phoenix birds, lions, tigers, peacocks, chameleons, foxes, and many more!  There is something for everyone.

Please read below to learn about each of the seven different styles available.

Mug Options

Mug Options

The Classic Mug is your standard white coffee mug.  It is available in two sizes: 11 oz (325 mL) and 15 oz (443 mL).  The 11 oz size is 3.8″ high and 3.2″ in diameter.  The 15 oz size is 4.5″ high and 3.4″ in diameter.  It is made from strong, durable ceramic.   It is microwave and dishwasher safe.  This is one of Zazzle’s most popular items.

The Two-Tone Mug is similar to the classic, with an accent color on the inside.  It is also available in two sizes: 11 oz (325 mL) and 15 oz (443 mL).  The accent color is currently available in 10 colors: black, hunter green, maroon, navy blue, pink, yellow, red, light blue, orange, and lime green. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Combo Mug has an accent color on the inside and on the handle.  It is also available in 11 oz (325 mL) and 15 oz (443 mL).    The accent color is available in the same ten color choices as the Two-Tone above.  Microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Frosted Glass Mug is made from frosted glass, and is translucent.  It comes in two sizes: the standard 10 oz (295 mL) and 16 oz (473 mL).  It is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Morphing Mug is really cool!  It looks solid black until hot water gets poured in, then the design shows up!  It has a special heat-sensitive coating that changes color. It is also available in two sizes: 11 oz (325 mL) and 15 oz (443 mL).   It is made of ceramic. Due to the special coating, this is not considered safe for the microwave or dishwasher.  Hand wash only and add hot water manually.

The Stein is a classic ornate German beer stein.  It comes in two colors: grey and blue, or white and gold.  It holds 22 oz (650 mL).  It measures 3″ in diameter and 6.6″ high.  It is made from microwave and dishwasher safe ceramic. Steins are a beautiful and sturdy way to enjoy a variety of beverages.

The last option is the Travel Mug.  This comes in stainless steel or white color in a 15 oz size (443 mL).  It comes with a plastic rubber-lined lid.  It is 3.5″ in diameter and 6.2″ tall.  It is made from a double-walled stainless steel body with plastic handle and base.  Hand washing is recommended.  Not microwave safe (made of metal).

Browse some of my designs available below.  Clicking on an image below will take you directly to the page in my Zazzle store where you can purchase the item. Or you can see all of the mugs in my online store. The mugs listed below are all shown in the “Combo Mug” option.

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