Healing Lotus Mandala keychain

Colorful Acrylic Keychains to Hold your Keys in Style

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Keep your keys safe and together with these stylish and colorful keychains! These acrylic keychains feature many unique and colorful artworks, including psychedelic animals, vibrant mandalas and fantasy creatures. Choose from dozens of designs, including wolves, dragons, peacocks, chameleons, phoenix birds, dogs, cats, lions, tigers, foxes, owls, and many more.  My designs are available for purchase on many of these style options within my online store.  These keychains make the perfect gift for anyone, and also make great party favors!

These keychains are 100% customizable.  You can choose to purchase them as is, and have a colorful piece of original art as your keychain, or you can personalize it by adding text and/or a picture.

Please see the examples below, and visit my Colorful Acrylic Keychains Collection to see all of my available designs!

These acrylic keychains come in three shapes: square, rectangle and circle, and come with the option for single side printing or double side printing.  The circle keychain is 2″ in diameter, the square is 1.875″ per side, and the rectangle is 1.5″ x 2.75″.

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