Colorful Magnets to Decorate your Fridge

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Dress up your fridge door with colorful magnets. I have my designs available on magnets in my Zazzle Store. They are a fun and affordable way to collect my designs.  It is like having a mini art gallery on your fridge.  These magnets feature many unique and colorful designs, including  psychedelic animal artwork, vibrant mandalas, and fantasy creatures.  Choose from dozens of design options, including wolves, dragons, phoenix birds, dogs, cats, lions, tigers, peacocks, chameleons, foxes, and so many more.  There is something for everyone, and these make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers.

These standard refrigerator magnets come in round and square shapes, and are the button-type.  They are sturdy, and printed on a high quality paper which is covered by a scratch- and UV-resistant mylar.  There is a thick solid magnet on the back which takes up the entire area on the back. The round magnets are available in three different sizes: 1 1/4″, 2 1/4″, and 3″ in diameter.  The square magnet only comes in the 2″ size.  As with all Zazzle products, these magnets are 100% customizable.  As the customer you can chose to buy the magnet as-is, or you can personalize it by adding your own text or pictures.

If there is a design of mine that you would like to see on a magnet, and it is not currently available, please Contact Me and I can make that happen! Clicking on the image below will take you directly to the product page in my Zazzle store where you can select your options and purchase the magnet.

Browse the magnets below, or visit my online store to see all of my magnets!

Colorful Black Cat with Green Eyes Magnet

Colorful Black Cat with Green Eyes

Gentle Guardian Colorful Rottweiler Dog Magnet

Gentle Guardian Colorful Rottweiler Dog

Colorful Winter Arctic Fox Magnet

Peaceful Winter Arctic Fox

Colorful Psychedelic Rainbow Siamese Cat Magnet

Jewel of the Orient Siamese Cat

Light in the Rainforest Jaguar Magnet

Light in the Rainforest Jaguar

Sunset on the Savanna African Lion Magnet

Sunset on the Savanna African Lion

Colorful Rainbow Cat Magnet

Anticipation Rainbow Tabby Cat

Chinese Azure Dragon Magnet

Chinese Azure Dragon

Psychedelic Wolf square magnet

Psychedelic Wolf

Winter Red Fox Magnet

Vibrant Flame Red Fox

Colorful Paisley Peacock Magnet

Colorful Paisley Peacock

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish Magnet

Psychedelic Rainbow Trout Fish

Psychedelizard Magnet

Psychedelic Chameleon

Colorful Miniature Schnauzer Dog magnet

Curiosity Miniature Schnauzer Dog

Celtic Horse Magnet

Celtic Horse

Phoenix and Dragon Magnet

Phoenix and Dragon

Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Rainbow Bird Magnet

Fenghuang Chinese Phoenix Rainbow Bird

Epiphany Dragon Mandala Magnet

Epiphany Dragon Mandala

Healing Lotus Yin Yang Mandala Square Magnet

Healing Lotus Yin Yang Mandala

Psychedelic Rainbow Owl Magnet

Psychedelic Rainbow Owl

Seahorse Triskele Celtic Mandala Magnet

Seahorse Triskele Celtic Mandala

Inner Strength Tiger Mandala Magnet

Inner Strength Tiger Mandala

Healing Lotus Magnet

Healing Lotus

Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Square Magnet

Healing Lotus Rainbow Yin Yang Square

Colorful French Bulldog Dog magnet

Daydreamer French Bulldog

Year of the Tiger colorful magnet

Year of the Tiger colorful

Colorful Neon Painted Turtle magnet

Colorful Neon Painted Turtle

Colorful Rainbow Pug Dog Magnet

Comic Relief Rainbow Pug Dog

Colorful Boston Terrier Dog Magnet

Effervescent Boston Terrier Dog

Colorful Brindle Boxer Dog Magnet

Devoted Guardian Brindle Boxer Dog

Colorful Corgi Dog Magnet

Mischief Maker Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Colorful Border Collie Dog Magnet

Watchful Eye Border Collie Dog

Colorful Chihuahua Dog Magnet

Small and Sassy Chihuahua Dog

Colorful Golden Retriever Dog Magnet

Faithful Friend Golden Retriever

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Magnet

Autumn Delight Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Colorful Pitbull Terrier Dog Magnet

Peppy Purple Pitbull Terrier Dog

Colorful German Shepherd Dog Magnet

Courageous Partner German Shepherd Dog

Colorful Westie Terrier Dog Magnet

Happiness West Highland White Terrier Westie

Colorful Labrador Retriever Dog Magnet

Loyal Companion Labrador Retriever

Colorful Leopard Magnet

Queen of the Jungle Leopard

Colorful Bengal Tiger Magnet

Fiery Beauty Bengal Tiger

Colorful Blue Wolf Aurora Magnet

Wolf Aurora



Fridge mockup used with kind permission of Gretyl Cunningham.

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